The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What Machines Teach Us About by Clifford Nass, Corina Yen

By Clifford Nass, Corina Yen

Counterintuitive insights approximately development winning relationships- according to examine into human-computer interplay.

Books like Predictably Irrational and Sway have revolutionized how we view human habit. Now, Stanford professor Clifford Nass has came across a collection of principles for potent human relationships, drawn from an not going resource: his research of our interactions with computers.

according to his many years of study, Nass demonstrates that-although we'd deny it-we deal with pcs and different units like humans: we empathize with them, argue with them, shape bonds with them. We even misinform them to guard their feelings.

This primary revelation has resulted in groundbreaking examine on how humans may still behave with each other. Nass's study indicates that: * blending feedback and compliment is a wildly useless approach to evaluation
* Flattery works-even while the recipient is aware it's fake
* Introverts and extroverts are each one top at promoting to at least one in their own
Nass's discoveries supply not anything lower than a brand new blueprint for winning human relationships.

From Publishers Weekly
Nass, a Stanford researcher, has the attention-grabbing and enviable task of acting study into human interactions with expertise. query: Why did BMW obtain such a lot of lawsuits approximately its navigation approach from male German drivers? resolution: German males refused to take instructions from a girl (the method had a feminine voice). to determine if distress actually loves corporation, Nass paired satisfied and unhappy drivers with satisfied and unhappy digital passengers, discovering that depressing drivers hottest to be paired with depressing passengers (albeit virtual), and visa versa. the consequences are frequently fascinating, but if it involves discussing their implications, Nass falters. His experimental anecdotes finish with a "Results and Implications" appendix, and his findings usually sound as banal because the platitudes he's trying to attempt. the writer is at his such a lot compelling whilst describing technology's human mess ups on the market, akin to the loss of life of the despised Microsoft "Clippy," whose obvious stupidity and shortage of empathy doomed him as an software (killing advertising and marketing plans to show him right into a liked Mickey Mouse-like character). Moments like those make Nass's exam an enticing compendium of technological pretend pas. (Sept.) (c)

"If Dale Carnegie were a Google engineer, this can be how he could have written tips to Win pals and impact humans. Cliff Nass indicates us how a lot we will be able to know about humans by way of figuring out how humans engage with computers."
-Chip Heath, coauthor of swap and Made to Stick

"With the aid of actual experiments, instead of anecdotes or impressions, Clifford Nass makes use of people's interactions with desktops as a window into social existence. The e-book is full of insights approximately an more and more very important a part of our lives."
-Steven Pinker, Harvard university Professor of Psychology, Harvard collage, and writer of the way the brain Works and The Stuff of Thought

"With attractive illustrations and compelling facts, Clifford Nass indicates how interactions with our such a lot complicated machines show our such a lot primitive workings."
-Robert B. Cialdini, writer of impact: technology and Practice

"Nass and Yen serve up a wealth of sensible, mind-expanding insights. This pleasing e-book can assist you think that afresh and lightly lead you to social innovations that truly work."
-Paul Saffo, know-how Forecaster, determine Corporation

"The guy Who Lied to His machine is brilliantly available and should provide you with leap forward insights in regards to the unmarried most crucial mystery to good fortune in company and life-building higher relationships! This publication is a must-read for each chief in those turbulent times."
-Mark Thompson, coauthor of good fortune equipped to final and Now, construct a good Business!

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