Once upon a Time: Long, Long Ago by Henry Shykoff

By Henry Shykoff

How did we get to be US? who're WE? This tale for the more youthful reader, set within the interval a few 50,000 years in the past whilst a nearly explosive switch in people's behaviour happened, addresses those questions. From this era on, humans, the Cro-Magnon or Homo sapiens sapiens who're thought of to be our ancestors, turned what we time period human. This recreated tale provides a sister and brother in a series of occasions that matches what little is understood approximately that point. discover ways to create hearth, form instruments, accomplice with wolves and become pondering, inventive people who can impact the realm round them. notice what impression a couple of curious and reasoning humans may have on their society. a loyal grandfather and reader of news to grandchildren, Henry Shykoff has created a vintage event for the more youthful reader, answering the query, "How did we get to be human?" Nominated for the Silver Birch Award. "This is an exciting tale that vividly brings to lifestyles an exhilarating second in human evolution. filled with fight and experience, this hugely readable story is as enjoyable because it is informative."- Linda McQuaig, writer and Journalist

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Somehow the group became one family or clan or pack. The wolves understood the children and the children understood the wolves. Such wonderful communication between human and wolf made hunting easy. The wolves would drive the hunted animal toward the humans and, if the spears failed, as often happened, the wolves would bring the animal down. Such a partnership meant more food for everybody. With the harsh winter weather coming, the thought of hunting being much more difficult had worried Sim and Eevo.

He was as big as Father, but now he's no taller than you. But he is heavier," she continued, struggling to move him. "He seems to be asleep. Let's wake him," said Sim. "We can't leave him lying in the snow. " Despite their attempts, Ab only groaned. Now the children were faced with a problem. They could go to the home cave to try to get help, but it was some distance away. If they did that, their fire at home would likely go out before they could get back. Besides, the people at the home cave might not let them return.

The cave mouth was high enough and wide enough to allow easy entry. Before now they would not have wanted such a large opening, but now with their fire they would be safe. This was a perfect cave for a home. On the top of the rock wall was a wooded area where 17 they could easily get wood to feed their fire. On the rocky ledges above the cave they saw many birds. Nests would be nearby where they could find eggs and, perhaps, even capture the occasional bird to eat. Realizing that they had been away from the precious fire for some time, they hurried back to the small cave.

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