Let's Play Geometry by L.N. Shevrin, V.G. Zhitomirsky, A. Repyev (Translator)

By L.N. Shevrin, V.G. Zhitomirsky, A. Repyev (Translator)

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Compasses, what do you call it? " "Ha-Ha," laughed Point, "what a funny name, a broken line. Who broke it? " "Yes," said Compasses. " 61 They crossed the sea and went on. On and on they went until suddenly they saw a town. They wanted to go a bit closer but a guard stood in the way and would not let them through. " Point asked in surprise. " "Then you must let me in. " "Oh no, that's not very much! " Compasses entered into the conversation. " Compasses asked Point. " cried out Point. " "Let me count them.

32 \ "No, the blue one is the longest," said Dunno. "This way we can argue till morning," said Gadgit, "the segments are about the same length. And you cannot tell by eye alone which is the longest and which is the shortest. We need a more accurate way. Only I don't know such a way... " ^jjp^ Can you determine exactly which of these segments is the щ longest and which is the shortest? Gadgit, Pinocchio and Dunno looked hopefully at Pencil: he was sure to know what was to be done. Indeed, the clever Pencil did know that a pair of dividers was needed here.

But suppose you want to compare a sofa and a bed to find which is the longer? Dividers will be of no help here: they are too small. Also it's difficult to put a sofa and a bed next to 36 each other because nobody is going to move furniture just for this purpose. What's to be done then? Gadgit and Pinocchio twigged. Look at the picture and tell how they found which was the longer of the two pieces of furniture. 37 WORKSHEET 1 Use dividers to compare these segments. Find the longest and the shortest.

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