Is arsenic an aphrodisiac?: the sociochemistry of an element by William R Cullen

By William R Cullen

Intercourse, medicines, rocks, gold, homicide, struggle, mass poisonings, the deaths of Napoleon, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and others are all associated through one aspect - arsenic! Arsenic has been round because the starting of time and the be aware has develop into a metaphor for poison with linked surprise worth. most of the people are petrified of any attainable publicity to it and but it holds a undeniable darkish and eerie fascination! the typical individual has just one concept approximately arsenic - it really is poison - and this acceptance has a legitimate base. a few arsenic compounds are very poisonous and feature been used with legal cause from the time of the traditional Romans to the current day. Up earlier, there was no ebook that covers arsenic with such breadth. This e-book is a normal appreciation of ways a lot the aspect, arsenic, has turn into a part of our lives in an pleasing kind protecting the years a thousand BC to the current day. The insurance of the chemistry, toxicology, and medicinal features is intentionally saved at a degree for the overall reader to appreciate. It covers the way this ubiquitous point and its compounds have motivated the lives of the folks of the realm. The author's aim in penning this e-book used to be to not complex at the giant chemistry of the aspect, yet to attempt to bare to the final reader how the point and its compounds became embedded in our social cloth, for sturdy and for sick. No different point comes shut during this regard and he makes use of the be aware sociochemistry to explain this interface among society and chemistry. The e-book covers a large diversity of subject matters together with using arsenic in human drugs in lots of cultures from chinese language medication to the start of chemotherapy. This peaked within the western international within the early twentieth century, with Ehrlich's discovery of salvarsan, an arsenic-based therapy for syphilis that gave upward push to the sphere of chemotherapy. Salvarsan and comparable compounds have been finally displaced by way of antibiotics similar to penicillin. Arsenic trioxide has staged a comeback, even though, and is getting used as a profitable remedy for a kind of leukemia. different chapters disguise arsenic compounds which have been regular in agriculture and wooden upkeep through the twentieth century and their linked myths in addition to arsenic compounds as chemical battle brokers and the ensuing stockpile. the subject of arsenic within the surroundings is mentioned intensive - arsenic is throughout us - in our soil, our water, and our nutrition, and bodies have tailored to its presence and it doesn't frequently pose an issue. even though, the normal presence of excessive concentrations of arsenic in ingesting water at the moment threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in India, Bangladesh, Mexico and somewhere else. It additionally covers mining and pesticide production which can result in excessive neighborhood arsenic concentrations in soils, slag tons and mine tailings which, whilst situated with regards to human actions, can produce human health and wellbeing dangers. different chapters disguise various subject matters together with: " A proposed connection among arsenic and Cot dying (SIDS) which prompted panic " The excessive focus of arsenic in kelp products-is this damaging? " What concerning the 237,000 tonnes of arsenic trioxide kept in a mine in Canada? " How poisonous is arsenic besides, and the way do you verify the hazards of publicity? " How did Napoleon die? those and plenty of different themes are addressed at a degree that would bring about figuring out with out delving into an excessive amount of technical aspect or requiring a level in chemistry. crucial examining for everybody with a common curiosity in technology, this illuminating textual content covers a huge variety of issues.

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Biette’s solution is ammonium arsenite in water. Pearson’s solution is the oxide in water – the addition of mercury chloride and morphine results in Esmarch’s solution. In the event of an overdose the suggested antidote is hydrated oxide of iron, as was used by the Styrians. Professor A. S. 6) wrote of a man who applied a mixture of arsenic and soap to his scrotum and armpits for the purpose of killing lice. In 12 hours he began to feel all the well-marked effects of arsenic poisoning: thirst, headache, irritability of the stomach, vomiting, pain, stiffness in the neck and difficulty in swallowing.

110,113 Ehrlich was very cautious about releasing 606 for general use. In the early days he personally supervised all the arsenical production, and he tested and retested. Finally he was satisfied and news of the success with 606 was released to the world at a conference in 1910. ’’113 However, 606 was not quite the ultimate magic bullet: it could kill, it was not well tolerated by the weak and it required more than one dose. 112 The treatment usually resulted in nausea and vomiting, headache, fever and skin eruptions.

First, arsenicals can be active against trypanosomes in vivo, but not active in vitro. Second, when infected animals are treated with arsenicals there is sometimes a considerable delay before the spirochetes or trypanosomes are cleared from the body. 3. The arsenical drug must be converted to an active form such as the oxide ‘‘RAsO’’ before it can exert its action by binding to the chemoreceptors on the parasite. The selective action of the arsenicals may be due to differences in the rates of conversion of these to active compounds and to differences in their ability to penetrate the cell wall of the target organism.

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