Index Formula Index: 2nd Supplement Volume 6 C17-C22.5 by Rainer Bohrer, Helga Hartwig, Renate Jonuschat, Bernd

By Rainer Bohrer, Helga Hartwig, Renate Jonuschat, Bernd Kalbskopf, Renate Nohl, Uwe Nohl, Hans-Jürgen Richter-Ditten, Paul Velic, Rudolf Warncke, Gottfried Olbrich

The Gmelin formulation Index and its First complement lined these volumes of the 8th variation of the Gmelin guide which were issued as much as the tip of 1979. the current moment complement updates the Index by way of inclusion of the volumes which seemed as much as the tip of 1987. With this moment complement all compounds defined within the Gmelin instruction manual of Inorganic Chemistry within the interval among 1924 and 1987 will be positioned. the elemental constitution of the formulation Index is still almost like within the prior versions. desktop recommendations have been hired within the coaching and print of the second one Supple­ ment. the information acquisition, sorting, and additional info dealing with have been played by way of a sequence of desktop courses built through employees individuals of the previous" on-line team" of the Gmelin Institute, now at Chemplex GmbH, and by means of the printer" Universitiits­ druckerei H. StOrtz AG, WOrzburg". while the instruction manual itself will proceed to seem in published shape, the current moment complement of the Index is meant to be the final one issued in print. The cumulated contents of the Index and its supplementations are inside the Gmelin formulation Index (GFI) database that is on hand to the clinical neighborhood through STN. This database might be up to date every year to incorporate the printed guide volumes.

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Sc: Ce2[C2H4(N(CH2COO)C2H4N(CH2 COOh)2] . 3 H20 ................... Sc: Ce2(00C(CHOH)4COOh . 8 H20 ........ Sc: Ce 2(OHh((CH 2CH 2COOhh . 2 H20 ...... Sc: Ce 2(CH 3SCH 2COO)6 . 3 H20 ........... Sc: Ce2(S203h . 3 (CH2)6N4' .............. Sc: [Ce2(HOCH2(CHOH)4COOh(OH)9]6- ...... Sc: [Ce2(HOCH2(CHOH)4COOh(OH), ,]S- ..... Sc: (C5H5hTi(OC(N(CH3h)Cr(CO)5)Cl ........ Ti: (CH 300CCHCHCOOCH 3CuC, 2HSN2)(Cl04) Cu: (c-CsH, oCuC, 2HsN2)(CI04) ............. Cu: [CH 2CH 2Cu(N 2C, 2H4(CH3)4)](Cl04) ....... Cu: [(CH3hCC(CH3bCuC, 2HSN2](Cl04) .......

D2-209/11 [Mn((NH2CH2bC(NHC2H5b)(C,oHsN2)]2+ .. D3-21S/7 Nd(OCsH4CHNC2H5)(OC4Hg-tb.......... D2-27 Nd(OCsH4CHNC4Hg-i)(OC3H7-ib ...... D2-27 U(OC2H5b(OCsH4C(CH3)NC3HsO). . . .. E2-68, 77, 82 (C2H5bSnOC(CsH2(CH3b)CH2' ........ 11-206/8 (C3H7bSnOC(CsH5)CH2' ............... 12-617 (C3H7bSnOC(CH3)CHCOC4H3S, . . . . 12-10/11 (C2H5bSnOCH(CsHs)CH2COOC2H5' . . .. 11-199 (C3H7bSnOOCCH20CsH5' ............ 12-16/9 (C5H5bTi(CH 2Si(CH 3bbCH 2 . . . . . .. CompA-40 [(C5HSbTi(CH 2Si(CH 3bbCH 21- ........

Nd(CH 3COCHCOCH 3b . 5 C4Hs0 2 . 2 H20 SC: C 17H 2S O SSm ....... Sm(C 6H sCOCHCOOC 2HsHi-OC 3H7h ..... SC: C 17 H2S 0 6Pr. . . .. Pr(CH 3COCHCOCH 2CH 3h(CH(COCH 3h)... SC: C 17 H2S 0 6Sm. . . Sm(CH 3COCHCOCH 2CH 3)2(CH(COCH 3h).. SC: C 17 H2S 0 6Y ........ Y(CH 3COCHCOCH 2CH 3h(CH(COCH 3h) ... SC: C'7H26HoN30, S . .. Ho(N0 3b . C'4H200 S . (CH 3hCO . 3 H20 SC: C17 H26 LaN0 3 ...... La(CH3COCHC(CH3)NC6HsHOC3H7-ih .... SC: C17 H26 LuN 30,s ..... Lu(N0 3b . C'4H200S . (CH 3hCO . 3 H20 SC: C17H26MnN309 - ....

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