GURPS Spaceships (4ed) by David L. Pulver

By David L. Pulver

Spaceship sourcebook for GURPS 4th Editon

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B550. In space combat, -10 at zero (100 yards), -30 at point-blank (100 miles), -34 at close (500 miles), -38 at short (2,500 miles), -42 at long (10,000 miles), -46 at extreme (50,000 miles). For astronomical ranges: -50 at 200,000 miles (1 LS), -54 at 1 million miles (5 LS), -60 at 10 million miles (100 LS), -66 at 100 million miles (1 AU), -72 at 1 billion miles (10 AU), -75 at 7 billion miles (75 AU; scan entire solar system). Telescopic Vision: Reduce the above range penalty by the level of Telescopic Vision.

Weapon sAcc values already include targeting programs. The major advantage of better computers is to run high complexity programs like cryptographic analysis, language translation, or even Artificial Intelligences that can function as crew members! See GURPS Ultra-Tech for AIs and other software. COMM/SENSOR ARRAYS Any vessel with a control room has a basic comm/sensor array. Some vessels have enhanced, multipurpose, science, or tactical comm/sensor arrays. All are integrated communication and sensor suites whose capabilities are simplified into a single comm/sensor array level.

This is typical of some “retrotech” settings, such as golden age space opera. Reduce computer network Complexity by -1 at TL7, -2 at TL8, -3 at TL9, -4 at TL10+. Exposed Radiators If this switch is used, spacecraft have large radiator arrays. This is realistic, but often ignored even in hard science fiction! Exposed radiators are appropriate for any “hard sf” spacecraft with any reactor, or which use any fission, nuclear pulse, fusion, antimatter, or total conversion engine except nuclear thermal rocket, external pulsed plasma, or high-thrust antimatter thermal rocket engine.

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