Giantcraft (Forgotten Realms Official Game Accessory) by Ray Winninger, Jeff Easley

By Ray Winninger, Jeff Easley


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Giantcraft (Forgotten Realms Official Game Accessory)


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Stronmaus’s base THAC0 is 2, but he hits any AC on a roll of 8 or better. Duties of the Priesthood Stronmaus is worshiped as a patron in both the cloud giant and storm giant steadings located near the Ice Spires. The cloud giant priests are skilled in music and the arts. They wear fine jewelry and maintain large personal fortunes. Storm giant priests of Stronmaus, on the other hand, are shabbily dressed ascetics. Before they are accepted into the order, they must sit atop a cold, deserted peak for 100 days and nights without food.

Today, few voadkyn live near the giant steadings and the Ice Spires. Rumor has it that an unusually large number of wood giants (as the voadkyn sometimes refer to themselves) can be found living with treants and wood elves deep in the Cold Wood. For many years, the Jotunbrud accepted the voadkyn as equals. Ultimately though, one of the earliest giant stormazîns discovered that Dunmore, the progenitor of the voadkyn, was actually sired by Ulutiu and not Annam. Apparently, Othea tricked Annam into accepting Dunmore as his own so she’d always have a sort of “spy” among the elders of the Jotunbrud.

Wie ferst du? Where are you going? Am du rad tier fir. I am of the 14th rank. General Role-Playing Tips The first and most important rule to follow when role-playing giants is to instill the sense of awe they so richly deserve. Think about it for a minute—a 22-foot-tall man isn’t something player characters are likely to see everyday! If the giants in a campaign are little more than orcs The Nature of Giantkind • 29 with more hit points, DMs and players are missing out on a boatload of opportunities.

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