Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy (Vampire: The by Justin Achilli, Jess Heinig, Patrick Lambert, Jim Moore

By Justin Achilli, Jess Heinig, Patrick Lambert, Jim Moore

White Wolf Blood Magic secrets and techniques of Thaumaturgy Vampire Masquerade

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Rather, social limitations imposed by the sheep-goat effect are triggered only when the psychic uses an extremely obvious power, such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis, or when the psychic openly asserts that she is using paranormal abilities, as when a telepath proudly claims to be able to read minds, effectively daring those nearby to disprove her assertions. The factors that penalize a psychic’s abilities are listed below. Dice Modifier Witnesses 0 The psychic feat is performed as a séance, stage-magic show or in some similar situation in which strange happenings are expected.

While many spiritualists claimed their powers were based on mysticism and magic, others claimed a scientific basis. In response to the growth of this movement, many scientists and thinkers began serious investigation, some with the goal of debunking the movement, others with a genuine belief that spiritualism and psychic phenomena could be reconciled with modern science. The first such group was the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), founded in London in 1882 with no fewer than eight members of the British Royal Society serving as directors.

Failure: The psychic simply fails to enter the sleeper’s mind, or no damage is inflicted. Success: The psychic successfully enters the sleeper’s mind. Each success in dream combat inflicts a point of damage. Exceptional Success: The psychic enters the sleeper’s mind and gains a +1 bonus die to all other rolls for the duration of her stay. According to such stories, a dream-traveling psychic generally encounters some sort of hostile entity within a subject’s mind, the being terrorizing the subject with nightmares.

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