A Short History of the United States by Robert V. Remini

By Robert V. Remini

delivering an abbreviated, available, and vigorous narrative historical past of the us, this erudite quantity comprises the basic proof concerning the discovery, cost, progress, and improvement of the yank state and its associations. Robert V. Remini explores the coming and migration of local american citizens through the Western Hemisphere and their achievements; the invention of the hot global through Europeans and the institution of colonies by way of the Spanish, French, English, and Dutch; the reasons of the yank Revolution; the founding of a republic lower than the structure; the formation of political events; the warfare of 1812 and the ensuing monetary and cultural adjustments; the democratic impetus throughout the Jacksonian period; westward enlargement and the Mexican conflict; the fight over slavery, which resulted in the Civil warfare; Reconstruction and the increase of massive enterprise; the emergence of the USA as an international energy; the descent into the good melancholy; the worldwide conflicts of the 20 th century; the increase of conservatism; and the outbreak of terrorism the following and in a foreign country.

additionally, Remini illustrates how former English topics slowly remodeled themselves into americans, and exhibits how a suite of sovereign, self reliant colonies united to create a viable, continuously evolving republican govt whose democratic ideas mirror the altering mores and attitudes of the voters it represents. He explains the explanations for the nation's precise and enduring strengths, its inventive and cultural accomplishments, its genius in constructing new items to promote to the area, and its abiding dedication to person freedoms.

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The colonists were British subjects and therefore obliged to obey the laws enacted by the central government in London. It was all well and good to have local assemblies operating in the colonies, but they were inferior to Parliament, which could alter or nullify what they enacted when and if it conflicted with imperial needs. Such a difference of conception about their position and rights was sure to produce a collision. And it was not long before the collision burst into violence. 2 Independence and Nation Building A lthough the tita nic battle for empire between the French and British ended with a total English victory, it created monumental problems in London as to the administration of this vast domain.

It was the last battle that Washington directed prior to his assuming command of a combined French and American force at Yorktown in Virginia. The French had planned all along that the fleet under d’Estaing would head for the West Indies in the hope of capturing several British islands, such as Jamaica or one of the sugar islands. The Americans had little naval might to challenge the British fleet patrolling the coastline, but one American ship, commanded by John Paul Jones, captured several hundred British vessels and raided a number of English coastal towns.

Thus the delegates to this Stamp Act Congress represented a collection of individual and distinct entities who considered themselves as having rights and powers as Englishmen by which they had full power to enact legislation for the benefit of the people living in their respective colonies. I n Virgini a , a young, eloquent lawyer by the name of Patrick Henry, got up in the House of Burgesses and railed against both the king and Parliament. ” He was quick to respond, saying that if standing up for one’s rights is treason then the colonists should take advantage of it.

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