XCrawl Emperor's Cup 4700 by Brendan Lasalle

By Brendan Lasalle

It is the objective of each staff within the video games. it is what each participant desires of while he first places on his armor. it is the prize on the finish of the day: The Emperor's Cup.

Every 12 months DJ Herobane invitations the simplest and the brightest within the NAE to problem his dungeon, to determine who's the simplest on this planet of Xcrawl. in any case, he is the guy who invented The video games, he can be the only to determine the champion.

Emperor's Cup 4700 is the 1st department One move slowly released via Pandahead. A deadly possibility is round each nook, and purely the superior will make it out alive. this can be what everyone seems to be competing for: the championship. it is the Super-Bowl, the area sequence, and The Stanley Cup rolled into one, and just one crew can lay declare to the title.

This is a straight-forward experience. not anything is going haywire, yet it really is extra risky than somebody might think. And all of the enjoyable that Xcrawl can offer.

Xcrawl: Your subsequent event might be Televised.
And this time, it'd be your final, or your maximum.

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If this switch is not activated and the controls are used, an intense jet of poison gas is blown at the players’ face from the steering column. Once this room is complete, a treasure panel opens up and the players can take their treasure and leave— almost. The door to the south is directly under the furnace. It has a Wedgeford Masterlock (DC 30) and a dangerous trap (DC 25/35). If the door is opened before the trap is disarmed, the bottom hatch of the furnace will open and it will shower whoever is in a 15' radius of the door (in other words, the lockpick and anyone with him) with molten metal.

This corridor is filled with a cool mist, spraying from dozens of tubes that line the walls.

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