World of Darkness - Slasher by Chuck Wendig

By Chuck Wendig

A Chronicle publication for international of DarknessÆ and Hunter: The Vigil

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I presided over a happy crew. The seamen believed our ship to have an auspicious name. Whether the name has luck, I do not know; I prefer to attribute our success in keeping the waters of Bermuda safe for honest shipping to the hardiness and willingness of my crew. I had heard the tales of the Black Schooner, and in truth had found them wearisome. Tales of the pirates were all the same in those days: this captain had sold his soul to Satan; this captain’s crew was cursed to wander the seas through some act of treachery; victims of this ship would not survive to tell the tale.

They torture the women and children. No one survives. They take the men. Some end up in their larders, hung in rows, impaled on hooks through the throat. Some get press-ganged into joining (which is why the Black Schooner yet endures). They don’t talk — they can’t, having no tongues (did they cut them out themselves? ) — and don’t stop. They come and go with no rhyme or reason. Perhaps on the Schooner is a logbook that explains the truth behind these immortal monsters. Or maybe not. You’d have to get through them first, of course, to find it.

On the other side, a “terrorist” cell in the middle of nowhere could begin to do things that even their erstwhile masters don’t understand, driven mad by isolation and garbled propaganda. Isolation doesn’t have to happen in a remote setting. There could be no-go areas of the inner city, whole blocks of flats where the inhabitants go crazy and become silent cannibals; or perhaps a whole extended family was, decades ago, so lost in poverty that the only choice for them was to retreat to the sewers...

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