Why Cats Don't Bark: Unleash Your PowerZone: Intuitive by Edie Raether

By Edie Raether

We all have a center genius. This outstanding e-book exhibits how one can grasp switch from the "insight out" by means of gaining knowledge of and expressing your real self. Why Cats do not Bark lightly nudges you towards your personal robust intuitive talents for optimum functionality.

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How do cats know when to do these things? Their timing is usually impeccable, their playfulness is disarming, and their control of the situation is absolutely amazing. If anything gets knocked over or spilled, it’s the human’s fault. Are cats really that good at manipulation and counter-intelligence? Are they that good at misdirection? Do they know us that well? I know I speak for all cat owners when I say, “Yes, cats are really that smart! ” Catnip for the Mind If we listened to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair.

Let’s see what your “hunch quotient” is, so you can get a sense of your natural intuitive powers. Your Hunch Quotient Check “yes” or “no” for each of the following questions. Yes No 1. Have you ever had a premonition (when you were awake or asleep) of an event that occurred shortly thereafter? ❐ ❐ 2. Have you ever answered the phone or the doorbell and instinctively known who was calling or ringing the doorbell? ❐ ❐ 3. Have you ever met a person whom you’ve never met before and sensed that you had met before?

I am convinced that if we valued our intuitive intelligence (our gut brain) as much as our mathematical and verbal intelligence, we could protect ourselves better from such catastrophes. We could also avert another, more wide-spread catastrophe: not knowing or manifesting our true selves, our acorn nature. Psychologists are taking intuition more seriously. Unlike the familiar IQ tests, there is, to date, no simple paper-pencil test that yields an “intuitive intelligence score” – and there may never be one.

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