Why Can't I Fly? by Ken Brown

By Ken Brown

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Then one night while he was up in the tower room, Luisa heard a terrible cry. When she went to the tower to see what had happened, she found the magician's body at the bottom of the tower steps. The doctor said that Don Ramon had fallen down the steps and broken his neck. " gasped Lee. Sara nodded soberly. She and Sam had heard Aunt Harriet and Uncle James talking about this same tragedy. Uncle James had said that if Don Ramon had been a Christian, he wouldn't have been so lonely and heartbroken.

That's why the light was wavering. Someone was carrying this lantern while moving around the tower room. But who was that someone and what was he doing there? She was about to walk over to the wardrobe to examine the lantern more closely when a sudden weird, unearthly sound filled the tower room. She stopped short and listened, her heart thumping in her chest. At first the sound seemed far away, then it grew louder with strange vibrations, high-pitched then dropping very low. The next moment a man's muffled voice mumbled words she couldn't understand, followed by an eerie, faltering sound that rose to a high shrill cry.

Sam's eyes brightened. He snapped his fingers and replied, "Yeah, maybe someone's hanging out in the castle and doesn't want anyone to know. " Mike shook his head. " "The castle sure doesn't look as if it's been lived in," Lee agreed. " His words reminded Sara of the battery lantern that she had seen on top of the wardrobe. In a hurried voice she told them about it. " "You have to admit that something freaky is going on inside that castle," Sara said. Brian nodded, frowning. " "I think we should tell Mr.

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