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By Aaron Demski-Bowden, James Kiley, Matthew McFarland, Visit Amazon's Chuck Wendig Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Chuck Wendig,

This ebook offers every little thing had to totally flesh out and painting the natural as sympathetic antagonists. every thing from good written out histories and backgrounds, to new presents, rites, inns, fetishes and totems. The publication is easily worthy getting and having on your Forsaken Library.

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Wise Pure can redirect such unfocused anger away from themselves, exploiting it as a chaotic vulnerability. Pure packs that are not so shrewd find themselves caught in a storm of rampaging Forsaken. Sever Supply Lines A pack needs a number of things to maintain its territory, both strategically and personally. Werewolves need food, clean water and Essence. Other ancillary concerns might be electricity, wolf-blooded or other allies, spirit aid, shelter, Internet access, money, lines of sight or routes for transportation.

Spirits are not prey by dint of their nature. The Pure care little about hunting the Ridden, the Hosts or wayward spirits. Yes, such hunting is necessary when such creatures disrupt Pure plans or invade a pack’s territory, but otherwise the Pure don’t hunt them as a rule. No, the Pure have other quarry in mind. They first hunt as wolves do, tracking down and killing prey both human and animal. The second form of quarry — and easily the most important — is the Forsaken themselves. The Pure know it is their sacred duty to punish the transgressors and cull them from this world.

Moreover, the Pure Tribes’ own totems demand a kind of reverence for the Hisil; to not bend knee and offer it respect and adulation assures that the Pure will suffer at the hands of their spirit lords. Spirit s Generally speaking, the spirits do not hate the Pure as they do the Forsaken. With the Forsaken, hostility is nearly automatic and must often be overcome. The Pure have gone to great lengths to prove that they are taking the spirits’ side. Though the Pure are still a hybrid of flesh and spirit that feels “unnatural” to most denizens of Shadow, the Pure openly swear their allegiance to spirits other than the children of Father Wolf.

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