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Standardized assessments and activity interviews; civil provider, high-school go out, and school front exams-these are only a couple of circumstances the place vocabulary and spelling talents play a very important function on your good fortune. Standardized checks and task interviews; civil provider, high-school go out, and school front exams-these are only a number of circumstances the place vocabulary and spelling abilities play a very important position on your good fortune. confirmed to have elevated the talents of millions already, Vocabulary & Spelling luck contains: A pretest to diagnose your be aware strength classes with enormous quantities of workouts to construct a brand new and large vocabulary A posttest that indicates the growth you will have made Crossword puzzles to perform the phrases you might have realized, in addition to a worthwhile suggestions for remembering new phrases necessities subject matters lined inside of comprise: Definitions Pronunciation Spelling phrases in Context elements of Speech Denotation and Connotation Synonyms and Antonyms Prefixes and Suffixes observe Roots

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Consensus. Controversy is a discussion where opposing views clash. Therefore, consensus would not be a synonym of the word because it means to come to an agreement. 22. a. selfish. Disinterested means not motivated by personal interest. Therefore, selfish would not be a synonym of the word because it means the opposite—to have a personal interest. 23. d. sympathy. Antipathy means to have a feeling of hatred toward someone or something. Since sympathy means to have feelings of compassion for someone or something, it cannot be a synonym of the word.

53. He was known for his (polite + -ness) and good manners. 54. They had an (argue + -ment) on the phone. The Exception There’s one important exception to the rule about keeping the final e when you add an ending that begins with a consonant: ■ Drop the final e when it occurs after the letters u or w. argue + -ment = argument awe + -ful = awful true + -ly = truly Spelling Practice 6 Write the following combinations in the blanks provided, keeping or omitting the final e as necessary. 55. He left the room in a (disgrace + -ful) condition.

Dispute b. quarrel c. consensus d. debate e. disputation 22. disinterested a. selfish b. impartial c. neutral d. objective e. unbiased 23. antipathy a. aversion b. dislike c. hatred d. sympathy e. abhorrence 24. exorbitant a. reasonable b. excessive c. overpriced d. inflated e. indd 38 3/11/09 11:17:00 AM –PREFIXES– 25. intermittent a. sporadic b. alternating c. recurring d. occasional e. continual 28. precursor a. successor b. forerunner c. ancestor d. antecedent e. predecessor 26. malevolent a.

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