Urban Legends (World of Darkness) by Will Hindmarch

By Will Hindmarch

A Settings publication meant to be used In the entire Wod Product traces. Kidney Thieves And different Legends built for contemporary Horror.

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Some are exquisite. ” “I can’t undo it. I can’t give it back to you. ” Background: Norman sat in the back of the class and grew up on the edge of town. He lived in one of those peeling farmhouses with collectible plates on the walls and porcelain roosters on the shelves. His parents were God-fearing, church-going folk who trusted that their boy would get a fine education through high school, then work with them on the farm. They figured a library card and a few summers with the Boy Scouts would be enough for Normy to find out what interested him and do that on the side, between harvests.

He finds others simple and boring and vaguely offensive while he eats his scabs. The characters should loathe to be in the same room with him. The Immortal Alchemist He’s 700 years old, but his work isn’t finished. The Immortal Alchemist is conducting a clandestine experiment on himself, keeping his body free of withering pollutants by replacing and alchemically augmenting his kidneys. So far, the process works only inasmuch as it grants him long life, but it’s a failure in terms of practicality — dozens of kidneys are necessary to prolong the life of a single person.

30 Chapter One-unwilling organ donors Maybe that’s not what you want. Maybe the Gourmand has tapped into the gross consumption of power that cannibals are after. To keep it simple, give the Gourmand a +1 die bonus to Strength and Stamina for every kidney he’s eaten during the past 30 days (your call as to the number). In addition, grant him a +3 dice bonus on Social actions against subjects whose kidneys he’s eaten, to reflect a twisted mystic intimacy with his victims. If you want his cannibalism to unlock more grandiose powers, look to World of Darkness: g for inspiration.

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