Understanding Robotics by V. Daniel Hunt (Auth.)

By V. Daniel Hunt (Auth.)

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Fixed active tooling includes all items that require or p r o d u c e control information signals, but are stationary and not moved from place to place by the manipulator. T h e s e tools might include c o n v e y o r s , numerically controlled e q u i p m e n t , part feeders, vises, c l a m p s , part orienters, and glue Figure 2-13 Tooling categories. 48 2. Components of a Robotic System dispensers. T h e sensors m o u n t e d in place on the tool, such as photocells, proximity s e n s o r s , force-sensing tables, and machine vision c a m e r a s , are considered part of the tooling.

A target shooter m a y have a tight group of shots at the six o'clock position on the target and have excellent repeatability but not a c c u r a c y , since the pattern missed the bulls-eye. 37 Manipulator System T TOP VIEW R TARGET POSITION than accuracy, a. Accuracy; ^repeatability; T , closest initial position; R, repeated position. T h e shooter c a n achieve both repeatability and a c c u r a c y if the shot pattern remains clustered as before b u t shifts t o fall accurately within t h e bulls-eye.

S . firms. M a n y U . S . p r o d u c e r s , under heavy competitive pres­ sures, looked offshore for suppliers from w h o m they could purchase existing technology and h a r d w a r e at lower cost to them than by using domestic produc­ tion. Several large firms sought to establish themselves as producers for general sale as well as for their o w n use. T h e entry of these c o m p a n i e s , notably General M o t o r s , I B M , and General Electric, had a significant impact on the structure of the U .

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