Trance: From Magic to Technology (2nd Edition) by Dennis R. Wier

By Dennis R. Wier

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Then he got into his car and drove as fast as he could 60 miles to where the diviner lived. He asked the diviner what he had done. The diviner began to perform a seance dance. After some time, he described the purse, the brown paper it was wrapped it, and precise, accurate details of both the brown stone and the gray stone. There 34 are many other cases which have indicated the exis­ tence of a connection of trance with parapsychological phenomena. In America, psychic healers are likely to prepare for healing by meditation or prayer; in many parts of Africa, preparation for psychic healing involves a pro­ longed ritual dance.

Sb, for which sx is the pattern; that is, the range of specific thoughts which have the same domain of possible associations. While a singular thought is of some interest because it is the foundation of our discussion, it is not as in­ teresting as the regular association of thoughts we know as patterns. From the point of view of trance, the patterns of a thought may be used to trigger or evoke a specific thought sequence. Memory The reverse association sa of si is called the memo­ ry of si. 64 Dissociation There is actually nothing new about the concept of dissociation, which is defined as "the splitting off of certain mental processes from the main body of con­ sciousness with various degrees of autonomy" (Hil­ gard, 1977, 1992).

You would not be able to really understand the written print marks on this page unless there existed other types of mental processing going on which organized the written patterns and linked them to prior memories or associations. These other mental processing activ­ ities are happening unconsciously right now. Some people would say that this unconscious process is an­ other type of awareness. Gurdjieff taught that to be­ come aware that you are asleep is the first step in waking up. If you are interested in being able to modify these unconscious mental processes, it is es­ 32 sential to become aware of the trances you are in; in fact, in some sense you can count your trances.

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