Tradition Book: Verbena (Mage: The Ascension) by White Wolf

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Movement w traditionally deosil or "sun-wise" (clockw id,except when banishing or negating, when movement is widdershins or counter-clockwise. Circles and spirals are also common Verbena symbols. Cords of various sorts play roles in Verkna rites. The w e a v i n ~and knort ing of a cord represents rhe weaving and fixing of ;l spell, while other cords store spells that are released when thew knots are untied. Some covens and circles "take the measure" uf each new initiate with a white, Hack or red cord, which the CHAPTER TWC BLBSINCS +W THE ~ W N 57 2 ; ' :/k,{; 4 I , I L ,@ '7 '; rmL:~: k!

The World ~ r e e ' roots s deep in the earth represent the past and the foundations of the world. They reach into rhe Underworld, the land of the dead, where death literally fuets new life by compostinfi into the earth. They are the dark recesses of the mind, the shadow side of creation, home to chthonian gods and The Wnrld Tree's trunk supports the cosmos, which turns around it. It connects the earth and the sky, servin~as a bridge between the worlds. The trunk represents the present, thestrengchof che moment that the Verbena embrace.

Far-rc;tcliinIE. A corren of ~ erkna i hcr IqePwircF st ill a pnurer to h i reckoni:d with, all the I h:cause t111cir mwyc does not incur the risk of I r . 3nx. ~ron~caIIr, Verbcna cclrccrerscan hc someoit the most Trarl itinn-LWL thc rites rituals theyr learn as t mwer. l. fore, they're most ctjlrlmnn amclnc tne Lrxaeners nt Eatc, thc t 1le Trec a1nd the T\ e are' er sorcert il fair numl>erof Mc 1. ing. ;ec Sorcerer, ewsea. ear MET,scc ~ a w of s the Hunt. 8 ,-7 T . I . ears,con. tainin~ their collectecl widom.

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