They Think You're Stupid: Why Democrats Lost Your Vote and by Herman Cain

By Herman Cain

They believe You’re silly Why Democrats misplaced Your Vote and What Republicans needs to Do to maintain It

Herman Cain

Foreword by means of Zell Miller

Do the scare strategies, deceptions and distortions of politics frustrate you? have you ever grown cynical concerning the loss of real-issue management in Washington? Do you frequently suppose as though politicians are speaking all the way down to you—that they suspect you’re silly? good, that's how politics-as-usual makes Herman Cain suppose.

In they believe You’re silly, Herman Cain bargains an motion plan to aid the marginalized voter discover a precise voice within the political method, whereas while supplying political occasion leaders an road again to the center of yankee democracy—the citizens. Cain identifies a brand new voter phenomenon happening around the kingdom. Newly registered citizens, younger African-Americans, unsatisfied Democrats, and uncommitted Republicans are refusing to spot strongly with both political occasion. Cain presents insightful research of the criteria that experience resulted in what he phrases the "politically homeless." whereas Democrats are at the street to irrelevancy, Cain believes that Republicans have a chance to catch the loyalty of this becoming section of the United States.

Herman Cain pinpoints a variety of concerns the place he believes citizens are unified—from the specter of terrorism to "economic slavery." He argues that the necessity to see actual effects round those concerns can inspire the "politically homeless" to develop into extra engaged within the political approach, and via their very presence, rework regulations and politics in Washington.

Former senator Zell Miller sees Cain’s message as very important for political events as they method new elections, "Party leaders may do good to hear him, all get together leaders. Cain is directly to anything vitally important for our destiny. the type of democracy we have now loved for greater than 2 hundred years won’t live to tell the tale voter apathy. whilst the electorate’ belief is misplaced, so is their aid. To their very own dying, many politicians play the politics as traditional online game and proceed to consider citizens as senseless and prepared to persist with a person due to a number of well-placed jabs and sound bites. applicants from both celebration who're extra taken with how the social gathering fares will locate themselves with lots of unfastened time on their hands."

From the viewpoint of a profitable businessman, they suspect You’re silly bargains desire for the disenfranchised voter and commonsense suggestion to the Republican get together. Cain explains, "The Republicans have a special chance to dominate the political panorama for many years in the event that they do a greater activity of achieving out to the celebration outsiders with effects, instead of looking forward to outsiders to arrive in." Cain sees a brand new day in American politics, and that day needs to comprise a voice for the "politically homeless."

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When did "for the good of the political party to regain control" overtake "for the good of the country and the people"? This Democratic strategy has driven many voters into the politically homeless zone. In sharp contrast to the Democrats' expectations of "Republican devils" in control of Congress in 1994, the Republicans produced a positive, forward-thinking people's agenda called the Contract with America. Former Georgia congressman and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his colleagues wrote the Contract with America prior to the 1994 elections.

House therefore symbolized the departure of a clear Republican policy agenda. The second reason the Republican Revolution stalled is that the Republican congressional majority became divided behind Newt's leadership. The Republicans were not solidly united behind Gingrich and his agenda in 1994, and many remain ideologically divided to this day. I believe this is due to the politics of politics, to which many longtime members of Congress have grown accustomed. Gingrich received criticism from fellow Republicans when he negotiated in 1995 with President Clinton a reopening of the federal government.

All party leaders would do well to listen to him. Cain is onto something important for our future. The kind of democracy we have enjoyed for more than two hundred years won't survive voter apathy. When the voters' trust is lost, so is their support. To their own demise, many politicians play the politics-as-usual game and continue to think of voters as mindless and willing to follow anyone because of a few well-placed jabs and sound bites. Candidates from either party who are more concerned with how the party fares will find themselves with plenty of free time on their hands.

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