The World of Cars: Math Workbook by Disney Enterprises

By Disney Enterprises

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Twenty minutes later, as the driver edged his car out into a small, cobbled square, he found what he was looking for. The young Carnaval gang had finally cornered their rivals and a spectacular water fight was under way. A small crowd had gathered in the square to watch the fun and a thin, dark-haired boy of about thirteen was hovering at the back, directly behind a pair of American tourists. The boy was the only one not craning his neck to see the water fight. The driver narrowed his eyes as he caught sight of the boy.

Nearly there,' said Marco, giving her a cheerful smile as he arranged the sheets of cardboard against the back wall of the restaurant, making a sloping roof over the floor of wooden pallets. Eliza nodded, then yawned again. She pulled her legs up to her empty belly and rested her head on her knees for a moment. Her eyes began to close but she jerked herself awake. Her little brother Toby was only two, so it was all right for him to be asleep, but she was six and that was too old to be carried to bed.

FIVE The traffic lights turned to red and the line of cars and taxis heading into the Old Town for the night slowed to a stop. As they waited with their engines idling, a little girl ran out into the middle of the road and held a bunch of red roses up to the driver of the first car. He waved her away. 'Here she comes,' said Alex's dad, pointing through the jeep's windscreen. 'The little girl I told you about. She's here every night. ' Alex watched the girl as she moved from car to car. The headlights showed up the streaks of dirt on her face.

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