The Wagon Box Fight: An Episode of Red Cloud's War by Jerry Keenan

By Jerry Keenan

One of the main dramatic battles of the Indian Wars is defined in a revised variation with new fabric together with reputable military experiences and up to date archaeological evidence.

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Le ms, in awry real sense, his o m generd. W& this in nzind, and using the descriptions dGibson and Litman, an image of the barrIek spning phase begins to take shape: the: tonal is endagered by a large number of Indians on d l quarters, but mainly from the sou&-souhwest. Many are on horseback, galloping back and furth in a &reafening mmner, perhaps hoping to lure the soldiers out to fight in the open. Ohem are on foot. ALX are gesmring, yelling, firing arrows, or discharging a tirearm if they had one.

The picket --- - p - Sam Cibsan in 189l. f m 28 -" The W-n p*- m -- BoxFi&t: Azz Eeisode ofped-Cloud's ---W a r 7 v---- p - p post near fittle Piney Creek, manned on this day by Sam Gibson and his a vital link in comrades, Privates Nolm Deming andJohn Gmett, p r o ~ d e d the operation" ssecuriy by a i l o ~ n g the $umds to m&ntain visud conact * " 14thboth tfie side camp and Lhe c o d , Cibmn recdled that upon at the post he stuck Icvillows in the ground and fashioned a m canopy with his poncho for protection from the intense heateY4 Abotxt the b e reveille wm sounding at cSle wagon box comd, ciGlim teamster RJ.

Fpaqsep "aojr rxo slaylo "pa$unoru atxxos %mtprr~a y l ' ~ J J o : , axp jo spp Jaqo aq$ uo % i ~ q N m a ~ g6'p3a3 ~ ~ O Q Opm,, U . '~~~~ There were two non-combamt oceupmts of the carrd: a mule and pony tied to one of the wagon boxes on the west end of the corral. h estimated dozen mows mmaged to strike the pony, which evenwally had to be shot, Dismrhed. 1°8 The Fight at the Corral The Sccarld Attack M e r evaluallng the situaeioxr, the Indims launched their second major effort, which again seems to have been primarily by maunted w a ~ o f salong an arc of 180 degrees from the east to south to west, although there continued to be acLivi~yby snipers along the north wd1 as well, As the atmkers surged fomard toward the comal, someone realktzed that the ten@oucside the enclosure blocked the line of fire.

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