The River Kings' Road: A Novel of Ithelas by Liane Merciel

By Liane Merciel

A exciting new voice in delusion makes an unforgettable debut with this "intriguingly twisted story of treachery and magic" (New York occasions bestselling writer L. E. Modesitt, Jr.). Liane Merciel’s The River Kings’ street takes us to a global of sour enmity among kingdoms, divided loyalties among comrades, and an insidious magic that destroys every little thing it touches. . . .
The wounded maidservant thrust the knotted blankets at him; instinctively, Brys improved and stuck the package deal prior to it fell. Then he glimpsed what lay within and approximately dropped it himself.
There used to be a toddler within the blankets. a toddler with a tear-swollen face crimson and around as a midsummer plum. a toddler he knew, even with no seeing the lacquered medallion tucked into the swaddling—a medallion a long way too heavy, on a series a ways too chilly for an child who had now not but obvious a yr.
A fragile interval of peace among the forever warring kingdoms of Oakharn and Langmyr is shattered while a shock bloodbath fueled via bloodmagic ravages the Langmyrne border village of Willowfield, killing its inhabitants—including a vacationing Oakharne lord and his family—and forsaking a scene so grisly that even the carrion eaters keep away from its desecrated earth. however the lifeless lord’s little one inheritor has survived the carnage—a discovery that entwines the destinies of Brys Tarnell, a mercenary who rescues the helpless and unwell babe, and who enlists a Langmyr peasant, a tender mom herself, to nourish and nurture the kid of her enemies as they commute a dismal, perilous highway . . . Odosse, the peasant girl whose simply guns are wit, braveness, and her fierce maternal love—and who dangers every little thing she holds expensive to guard her new cost . . . Sir Kelland, a divinely blessed Knight of the solar, known as upon to unmask the architects in the back of the slaughter and sidestep warfare among ancestral enemies . . . Bitharn, Kelland’s significant other on his trip, who conceals her lifelong love for the Knight in the back of her perfect archery skills—and whose emotions might finally be Kelland’s undoing . . . and Leferic, an Oakharne Lord’s sour youngest son, whose darkish objectives gas the main terrible acts of violence. As one infant’s lifestyles hangs within the stability, so too does the destiny of millions, whereas deep within the woodland, a Maimed Witch practices an evil bloodmagic which can doom all of them. . . .

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And, of course, this close to the river there was always the risk of raiders. The rival kingdoms of Langmyr and Oakharn stared hard at each other across the Seivern River. There was no love lost on either side; there hadn’t been for a hundred years, since Uvarric’s Folly. Both lands traced their heritage back to the ruined glory of Rhaelyand, both worshipped under the Bright Lady’s pillared domes, and yet Langmyrne and Oakharne hated each other with the ferocity of estranged brothers. One could never be sure when a group from one side might cross over to visit bloody horror on the other.

It was the wrong time of year: professional soldiers would be hard in training for the Swordsday matches, and farmers would be busy with the harvest. More importantly, it sounded like only one person was rustling through the leaves, and no raider in his right mind crossed the border alone. ” Odosse called, keeping her walking stick raised. The rustling stopped. A man’s voice answered, sounding tired and, she thought, a little angry. His accent marked him as a stranger; from where, she could not say.

And grief. He’d had friends back there, as much as he’d ever had friends, and he’d done nothing to save them. There’d been nothing he could do, but that truth never went down easy no matter how many times he had to swallow it. Night descended. Brys kept walking. There was a long road ahead. 2 There had never been a lovelier day in the world, Odosse decided as she walked back to Willowfield. The autumn afternoon was crisp but pleasant. Sunlight lancing through the leaves of ash and maple turned the forest into a cathedral of gold and crimson; she felt grand as a queen beneath such glory.

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