The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers by Ann Pettifor

By Ann Pettifor

What is cash, the place does it come from, and who controls it?

In this available, brilliantly argued booklet, prime political economist Ann Pettifor explains in trouble-free phrases history’s such a lot misunderstood invention: the cash process. Pettifor argues that democracies can, and certainly needs to, reclaim keep an eye on over funds construction and restrain the out-of-control finance area in order that it serves the pursuits of society, in addition to the desires of the ecosystem.

The creation of Money examines and assesses well known substitute debates on, and ideas in, funds, equivalent to “green QE” and “helicopter money.” She units out the potential of linking the money in our wallet (or on our smartphones) to the advancements we wish to see on the planet round us.

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But it has also led to grave misunderstandings. One of the most serious is the often repeated accusation that central banks ‘print money’ and thereby cause inflation. While it is true that central banks are responsible for both the issue and the maintenance of the value of the currency, they are not responsible for ‘printing’ the nation’s money supply. 4 Yet neoliberal economists largely ignore private money ‘printing’ and aim their fire instead at governments and state-backed central bankers whom they regularly accuse of stoking inflation.

The experience of financial deregulation has shown that capitalism insulated from popular democracy degenerates into rent-seeking, criminality and grand corruption. 9 In the US, as I write, the voters of the United States have sought protection from a demagogic president-elect who promised to defend them by erecting a wall between the United States and Mexico. In Europe, leaders that would impose authoritarian nationalist control over economies are gaining in popularity. Just as in the 1920s and ’30s, societies are moving towards authoritarian leaders in the vain belief that their new ‘masters’ will provide protection from ‘the stupid master’ identified by the British Labour Party in 1944: deregulated, globalised finance.

Of course, there must be constraints on the ‘elastic production’ of this social construct that we call money. This is because bankers and their clients can help trigger inflation on the one hand, and deflation on the other. e. inflation. Equally, the private banking system is capable of contracting the amount of credit created. This shrinks the supply of broad money, thereby deflating activity and employment. If the banking system is properly regulated by public authorities, and operated in the interests of the economy as a whole, there need never be a shortage of finance for sound productive activity.

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