The Principles of Scientific Management by Frederick Winslow Taylor

By Frederick Winslow Taylor

The foundation of recent association and determination thought, this influential essay has inspired directors and scholars of managerial strategy for greater than eighty years. the writer discusses casting off inefficiency via a procedure in keeping with ideas acceptable to person and collective actions. A ground-breaking, and still-inspiring paintings.

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When working each man for himself, these men were able to earn higher wages at 3 2/10 cents a ton than they could earn when they were paid 4 9/10 cents a ton on gang work; and this again shows the great gain which results from working according to even the most elementary of scientific principles. But it also shows that in the application of the most elementary principles it is necessary for the management to do their share of the work in cooperating with the workmen. The Pittsburgh managers knew just how the results had been attained at Bethlehem, but they were unwilling to go to the small trouble and expense required to plan ahead and assign a separate car to each shoveler, and then keep an individual record of each man's work, and pay him just what he had earned.

And no expedient could be devised which would make these men properly select themselves. htm (17 of 61)10/25/2006 12:28:35 PM Chapter 2: The Principles of Scientific Management right alongside of them would temporarily be thrown out of a job because they were not suited to this kind of work would entirely prevent them from properly selecting themselves, that is, from removing the seven out of eight men on the gang who were unsuited to pig-iron handling. As to the possibility, under the old type of management, of inducing these pig-iron handlers (after they had been properly selected) to work in accordance with the science of doing heavy laboring, namely, having proper scientifically determined periods of rest in close sequence to periods of work.

He has given all of the details of this analysis to the profession in the chapter headed "Motion Study," of his book entitled "Bricklaying System," published by Myron C. Clerk Publishing Company, New York and Chicago; E. F. N. Spon, of London. An analysis of the expedients used by Mr. htm (26 of 61)10/25/2006 12:28:35 PM Chapter 2: The Principles of Scientific Management different ways: First. He has entirely dispensed with certain movements which the bricklayers in the past believed were necessary, but which a careful study and trial on his part have shown to be useless.

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