The Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy by Christine Shaw

By Christine Shaw

Political exiles have been a well-liked function of political existence through the Renaissance, usually a resource of severe difficulty to the states from which they have been banished, and a prepared device for governments wishing to interfere within the affairs in their competitors and enemies. This publication presents the 1st systematic research of the position of exiles within the political lifetime of fifteenth-century Italy. It additionally presents clean views at the nature and gear of governments in this interval, and on rules concerning the legitimacy of political authority and political motion.

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36 The conspiracy which ®nally led to Girolamo Riario's death in April 1488 was not, however, one in which the Ordelaf® were involved; the members of the Orsi family who planned and executed the assassination had personal grievances against Riario. Seventeen of those involved in the conspiracy managed to escape into exile, including Lodovico and Checco Orsi and their sons, but their father Andrea was one of those executed in Caterina Sforza's bloody revenge. 37 In Bologna, Giovanni II Bentivoglio succeeded in 1463 to a position of pre-eminence that had been hard won by three generations of his family, but that still had little of®cial underpinning.

Viterbo, for example, was the seat of the papal governor of the province of the Patrimony of St Peter, but this did not prevent the town from being the scene of violent factional struggles in the 1450s. The Gatti family and faction were dominant and generally posed as friends of the papacy and allies of the papal of®cials in Viterbo, with the rival Maganzesi supplying the bulk of the political exiles. The situation was complicated by a family feud among the Gatti following the assassination of their leader, 67 68 69 Queller, The Venetian Patriciate, pp.

Others, friends and relatives of the conspirators, were exiled over the following weeks. On 13 October, Antonio Petrucci was declared a rebel too. 59 Among the opponents of republican governments can be counted those banished from towns subject to republics for contesting their rule, such as those exiled from Pisa by the Florentines. While the harshness of the Florentines' dominion over Pisa has probably been exaggerated, many members of the leading Pisan families had gone into exile during the ®fteenth century, some on the orders of the Florentines, some of their own volition.

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