The Mystery of the Blazing Cliffs (Three Investigators, No by Robert Arthur

By Robert Arthur

The crime-fighting trio of Jupe, Pete, and Bob units out to end up that filthy rich eccentric Charles Barron, who's confident that extraterrestrial beings are making plans to return for him, is the objective of fraud.

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She is our client. And she's used to dealing with Barron. " asked Bob. "Do we search for the other field telephone? " "Lots of luck," said Pete. "This place is huge. " Jupe pulled on his lower lip. "We wouldn't have to search the whole ranch," he said. "The spy has to be able to use the field telephone where he or she can't be seen. " "Yeah, but there are an awful lot of buildings here," Pete objected. " A door banged, and the boys looked up to see Elsie Spratt coming down her kitchen steps. She was carrying a blue garment over her arm.

He and Bob followed Jupe downstairs to the huge living room of the ranch house. This contained shabby sofas and chairs and a collection of dog-eared magazines. The pantry was filled with food. When they went outside and looked under the house, they saw cobwebs and bare earth and beetles and spiders. "Sometimes searches reveal nothing," said Jupiter. "Very well. So much for that. Now we had better find Mrs Barron. " The boys went across the drive and up the back steps of the mansion. Jupe rapped at the door.

He then darted forward to the oleander hedge and, keeping low so as not to be seen from the gate, ran along behind the bushes. When he reached the place where several eucalyptus trees crowded close to the fence, Bob stood straight and peered out over the bushes. He could not see the gate or the camp when he looked to the left. When he looked to the right, he saw only the empty road. There were no sentries in sight. Bob slipped through the oleanders and began to scale the fence. Once he started to climb, he did not look around.

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