The Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars by John Chambers

By John Chambers

"A Caste booklet, targeting One 'Character category' within the sequence"

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In the First Age, cunning was associated with the Waning Moon Caste, whose members hid behind a veneer of mischief but whose tricks could be educational, deadly or both. In the modern era, cunning is associated with the Changing Moons who prefer to get their way through quick wits, deceit and outright larceny. • Wisdom represents the Lunar’s ability to solve problems through reasoning, systematic inquiry, knowledge and forethought. Wisdom is the character trait associated with the sorcerers and savants of the No Moon Caste.

An elder could supply artifacts, instruction in sorcery and Charms, military support, access to demesnes and manses, and more in exchange for the head of a chimera, and many younger Lunars quickly formed Wyld Packs, not unlike the Wyld Hunts that had pursued their kind for centuries. Another innovation of the Great Gathering was the mass acceptance of the system for counting coup developed in the First Age by the Swords of Luna. After all the death and destruction the Stewards endured after the Usurpation, it was unthinkable that any Lunar should take the life of another except in the case of chimerae.

Thus was born the great experiment of the Lunar Exalted—the Thousand Streams River. THE GREAT EXPERIMENT The Thousand Streams River is the Silver Pact’s name for its long-term plan to restructure mortal society so that it can function without the aid of the Dragon-Blooded or indeed any other Exalted beings. The Silver Pact believes the Old Realm failed because the Solars’ beneficence made the common folk weak and unable to fend for themselves once the Solars were gone. The Shogunate failed because the Terrestrial Exalted relied upon slave labor to maintain the standard of living enjoyed by the ruling classes.

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