The Junkyard Dogs by David Sherman

By David Sherman

A U.S. Marine mixed motion Platoon in Vietnam; a unmarried Marine squad is found in Khung Toi, a Vietnamese village, operating with the preferred Forces -- the neighborhood military. jointly, the Marines and PFs shape CAP Whiskey eight. 3 of the Marines, utilizing the nom de guerres of Socrates, Captain Hook, and Sneaky Pete, become involved with a secretive and mysterious undertaking, assigned to assassinate NVA cadre in villages except their very own. The corporal referred to as Socrates is disturbed via the undertaking and attempts to backpedal it, yet reveals not anything yet extra unanswered questions. On one undertaking, he and his males locate records detailing a deliberate significant NVA assault on CAP Whiskey eight. The Marines and their Vietnamese opposite numbers slightly have time to arrange for the largest struggle any of them have ever been in.

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The enemy knew, had to know, almost exactly where they were―if they were here like he thought. And he was sure they were. His body tried again to sink into the earth of the treeline. How would they spring the trap, how would they do it to make sure they got as many Marines and PFs as possible? Then he remembered that the Viet Cong sometimes sacrificed men, used them as decoys to lead Americans into traps even if it meant their own men being used as the decoys were going to get killed in the process.

Two of Mad Greek's PFs were down and so was Mister Spook. "They're alive," Doc Holliday called; he was already working on the casualties. The promise he made to the Marines and PFs was; no matter how badly they were wounded, if they were still alive when he got to them he'd keep them alive until a medevac arrived. "Let's check it out, people," Sergeant Slaughter next ordered. "How many bodies do we have. If any are alive, remember I want prisoners. Five of the men who came out of Toi Mui were down, three dead.

With twenty of them out there, they should be able to handle anything short of a whole company. Nobody else objected either. "Socrates," Sergeant Slaughter kept talking, "take your patrol out half an hour before sunset and follow this route," he drew a line along the trail to Nghia Toi, from there along the river almost to the main path to Toi Mui, across the paddies to the treeline he designated as the ambush site there. " He drew an almost straight line through the woods east of Fort Cragg to the rice paddies between it and the woods south of Toi Mui, through those woods to the ambush site he'd marked there.

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