The Greek-Speaking Population of Southern Italy by H. F. Tozer

By H. F. Tozer

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P. 122; Wheler, Journey into Greece, Lond. as illustrating the numerous points of corre1682, p. 47. Among the Bova songs there is spondence which exist between modernand early one that turns on the subject of ' the Greekgirl' mediaeval Greek, how many wordsand pecuwho refuses the suit of a (X1'PcogaLTrovgAa) liarities of form whichare familiarat the present Turkish lover, notwithstanding her mother's dayare found in these early documents. Th,s solicitation$ (Comparetti Nos. 36, 37; Pelle'water' is vepov, the 'nose' Iz6-,7, 'a dog' grini, No.

But donot belongto fromthe time of the migration of the Mainotes. the language as spoken in Greece--faee? 2 Rodotk, I)ell' origine del rito greco,vol. iii. ' aprvala valley,' ; 'seasoning,' 6f)dxwfja exp. 96. drov) 'boiler,' and 3 Aar, in ,4rchivio storico italiano, 4th ser. others. (Morosi, 'Borvan,' p. ) vol. vi. p. 316. OF SOUTHERN ITALY. 1 (Ilerplr~a), (KovoToYOpP), An additional and very curious form of evidence is supplied by the numerous mediaeval Greek words which are found embedded in the modem Apulian and Calabrian dialects of Italian.

Such a Greek population was provided through the reestablishment of Byzantine influence in south Italy at that period by the emperor Basil the Macedonian, who organised his possessions there into a After Basil's death, when the province called the Theme of Langobardia. , after overrunning the country, carried off to Sicily the silk-workers of Thebes and Corinth. 4 Perhaps also at the time of the Ottoman conquest other Greeks may have fled hither for refuge, like those Albanians who crossed the Adriatic subsequently to the time of Scanderbeg, and whose settlements are still numerous in south Italy.

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