The Great Ideas of Psychology by The Great Courses, Professor Daniel N. Robinson, The Great

By The Great Courses, Professor Daniel N. Robinson, The Great Courses

Those forty-eight lectures learn the conceptual and ancient foundations, the equipment, the key findings, and the dominant views in psychology. the topic is massive. The lectures are designed to accomplish stability among uncomplicated tactics and real-life concerns; among the “hard technology” and “soft technology” of psychology; among the private and the social; among the conventional and the deviant.

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Picking up on studies done by Thorndike and his Law of Effect, Skinner offers his own theory of reinforcement. The Pavlovian model, according to Skinner, was the wrong model for understanding behavior. A. Skinner developed the Skinner box as a way to test the effects of reinforcement on behavior. B. There are several possible schedules of reinforcement for an organism. 1. A reinforcer, as defined by Skinner, is anything that alters the probability of a given behavior. 2. One can continuously reinforce an organism by giving the organism a reinforcer each time the response is given.

Radioactively tagged elements are introduced into the blood supply to the brain so that the rate of oxidation in various regions can be monitored in real time, thus providing a record of activity in specific regions. Pitch: The auditory sensation associated with the frequency of sound. Physiognomy: The pseudo-science of Lavater, which promised to reveal basic personality and moral characteristics by the close study of facial types. Pleasure principle: Freud’s term for the controlling influence that modes of sexual gratification have on behavior; a principle grounded in the ancestral and instinctual animal pleasures and tied to survival and procreation.

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