The Gilded Cage (Vampire: The Masquerade) by Ari Marmell

By Ari Marmell

The towns are the Kindreds Domain: The Kindred are hidden masters of towns, sating themselves at the blood of the vessels inside of. Their domain names are equipped at the backs of the mortals they prey upon, their fortunes made through proxies, their havens visited via the recognized and notorious alike. The evening belongs to people who can take what it has to provide. The Gilded Cage includes: structures and storytelling units for expanding one's own effect; suggestions for the main strong elder and lowliest neonate alike; and tips and suggestions gamers' characters can hire to achieve energy -- and that Storyteller characters can use opposed to them.

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Day-to-Day Activities: Uthgardt shamans tend to the respective needs of their tribes, teaching tribal history and customs passed down by heroic tales and lineage chants in an oral tradition spanning centuries. They provide healing for their tribes, initiate youths into manhood after they complete their tribal quests (often missions against a tribe’s ritual enemy), and provide counsel to the tribe’s chieftain and elders. When the tribe faces a new situation or a quandary, shamans consult with the ancestral spirits and totem animal great spirit to find guidance.

The power may be personally used by the shaman, or its effects may be granted to another devoted follower of the totem if indicated below. Black Lion Beast Power: Black Lion shamans can let loose a lion’s roar once a day or allow another devoted follower of the Black Lion to do so by touching them. ) This roar deafens foes for 1d6 turns if they fail a saving throw vs. spell. Foes deafened in this manner cannot hear and also have their balance somewhat impaired. Their attack rolls suffer a -1 penalty for the duration of their deafness and attempts to sneak up on them accrue a bonus (determined by the DM).

While not militarily significant, these mountains are home to savage beasts, vagabonds, and other unsavory creatures. Of more importance to travelers though is the High Road, connecting the cities of Leilon and Waterdeep with the rest of the “civilized” North. Iniarv’s Tower A ruined fortress located on the High Road between Waterdeep and Leilon, Iniarv’s Tower was destroyed in the final orc assault against the Fallen Kingdom. It’s said that on the anniversary of the battle, ghostly defenders walk the battlements, waiting for allies who never come.

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