The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your IQ by Richard Pellegrino, Michael J. Politis

By Richard Pellegrino, Michael J. Politis

You are no fool, in fact. you could have learn a couple of books and will carry your individual in a room packed with college professors. but if it involves problem-solving and knowing advanced theories and proof, you are feeling like your mind goes to blow up. do not succeed in for the aspirin simply but! the total Idiot's consultant to bettering Your IQ unlocks the secrets and techniques of you mind and teaches you the way to whip these sparking synapses into form. during this entire Idiot's advisor, you get:

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No need to go searching for the Yellow Brick Road. As the scarecrow discovered, you really don't need a brand new brain. You can increase IQ—your intelligence quotient—with methods that stop short of full-scale neurosurgery. All it takes is a little time and effort on your part. Defining Intelligence Intelligence is more than being able to recite Shakespeare after one read or to do calculus in your head. ” In other words, the intelligent person is able to identify a problem and find its optimum solution.

Let's take a closer look. IQ, a Test Taken Out of Context. ” is something we say all the time. But what is a genius, anyway? How do we measure genius? The knee-jerk answer—the IQ test: a pencil and paper exam that gives us a number at the end, our intelligence quotient. But the IQ test ranks us against each other instead of measuring our ability to handle the tasks at hand. Page 12 It sounds so clean, so mathematical, so scientific. Everyone takes the same test, no one cheats, and you can show how smart or dumb people are with a single number.

There are mathematical Einsteins who can add figures in their heads faster than a calculator; Einsteins who can do theoretical calculus about the origins of the Earth with ease; and more pragmatic Einsteins, who use their skills and intelligence to draw up building plans and build skyscrapers to the sky. In the field of medicine, a diagnostic Einstein uses the clues of your symptoms to identify your disease; a surgical Einstein wields his scalpel with the skill of a virtuoso; and the research Einstein plays detective in the lab, searching in the world of microbes and viruses to find their nemeses.

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