The Artisans Handbook (Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade) by Phil Masters

By Phil Masters

Actual Renaissance males, the excessive Artisans of the Daedalean league grasp the humanities of Shaping, Forces and Naming. Mingling the disciplines of paintings, mind's eye and actual craftsmanship with the mystick theories of Sacred Geometry and elemental correspondence, they model nice machines, brilliant autos and awe-inspiring weaponry.

This e-book information Daedalean guilds and talents, politics one of the resorts, and the theories of the reasoning Arts. listed below are the excessive Magick machines and units that may flip da Vinci envious. and naturally, we need to contain platforms and Storyteller tricks for all these mad innovations that cross awry.

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Your maximum HP is 6+Constitution. Alignment d6 ⃞⃞ Good Heal or help a troubled spirit ⃞⃞ Neutral Look Distant Eyes, Intense Eyes, Wise Eyes Show someone the wisdom you possess ⃞⃞ Chaotic Facilitate a spirit’s revenge Headdress, Mask, Wild Hair Boneshirt, Animal Skins, Ceremonial Garb Lithe Body, Tattooed Body, Thick Body Bonds It’s clear to me __________ has a troubled spirit. __________ and my spirit are bound together. I have heard the spirits speak of __________’s power. __________ must learn to respect the spirit realm.

When that person or creature sees the totem, they will be filled with immense terror and stop at nothing to get away from the totem or destroy it. If released, the spirit will haunt the person or creature until you call it off or it’s exorcised. ⃞⃞ Spirit of the First Trade “senu-genv” When you press this totem to someone’s skin and release the spirit, choose something about your target, such as their face, magical ability, or even their spirit. Whatever you chose, you will gain it and your target will gain something of yours that is the equivalent (a face for a face, an ability for an ability, a spirit for a spirit).

Choose one: ⃞⃞ I’ve Got Your Back When you alert your Fulcrum of a sudden danger, they are warned in time to act and they take a +1 forward against the danger. ⃞⃞ Shield Wall When you are within Reach of your Fulcrum, they gain the armor bonus of your shield against incoming attacks. ⃞⃞ Confidence Your current Fulcrum deals +1 damage when they attack. GRIM WORLD | Dungeon World Playbooks : Skirmisher Stats Your base damage is d6. Your maximum HP is 8+Constitution. Alignment d6 ⃞⃞ Good Help your Fulcrum at great risk to yourself ⃞⃞ Neutral Look Piercing Eyes, Troubled Eyes, Calculating Eyes Plumed Helmet, Cropped Hair, Rugged Hair Distract a powerful opponent ⃞⃞ Evil Provoke someone into doing something they’ll regret Battle Kilt, Light Clothing, Battle-worn Armor Lithe Body, Tanned Body, Muscular Body Bonds ________ and I keep an eye out for each other.

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