The Account of Mary Rowlandson and Other Indian Captivity by Mary Rowlandson, Horace Kephart

By Mary Rowlandson, Horace Kephart

Among the main celebrated captivity narratives, Rowlandson's account of her abduction by means of the Narragansett Indians in 1676 info her hardships and discomfort, besides important observations on local American lifestyles. additionally comprises 3 different well-known narratives of captivity one of the Delawares, the Iroquois, and the Indians of the Allegheny.

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After what has passed this day, you are now one of us by an old strong law and custom. ” At this time I did not believe this fine speech, especially that of the white blood being washed out of me; but since that time I have found out that there was much sincerity in said speech; for, from that day, I never knew them to make any distinction between me and themselves in any respect whatever until I left them. If they had plenty of clothing, I had plenty; if we were scarce, we all shared one fate.

One of these vessels would hold about four or five gallons. In these vessels it was they carried their bear’s oil. When all things were ready we moved back to the falls of Canesadooharie. ) the canoe we had buried was not sufficient to carry all; therefore we were obliged to make another one of elm-bark. While we lay here a young Wyandot found my books. On this they collected together. I was a little way from the camp, and saw the collection, but did not know what it meant. They called me by my Indian name, which was Scoouwa, repeatedly.

The next morning we proceeded on the same course about ten miles to a large creek that empties into Lake Erie, betwixt Canesadooharie and Cayahoga. Here they made their winter cabin in the following form: they cut logs about fifteen feet long, and laid these logs upon each other, and drove posts in the ground at each end to keep them together; the posts they tied together at the top with bark, and by this means raised a wall fifteen feet long and about four feet high, and in the same manner they raised another wall opposite to this, at about twelve feet distance; then they drove forks in the ground in the centre of each end, and laid a strong pole from end to end on these forks; and from these walls to the poles they set up poles instead of rafters, and on these they tied small poles in place of laths; and a cover was made of lynn-bark, which will run2 even in the winter season.

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