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They will flutter around in the men’s way and distract the crew. D20™ MECHANIC All of the ship’s maneuvers and gunnery checks are at –5 until the animals are captured or killed. to care for while onboard ship. On any voyage with sheep that lasts longer than 3 weeks, the crew will become distracted from their ship duties to care for the sheep. D20™ MECHANIC All of the ship’s maneuvers and gunnery checks are at –3 until the ship puts into port. 7TH SEA™ MECHANIC The ship’s Crew value is –1 until they put into port.

As long as the ship’s captain uses care, there should be no problem, but one who attempts to squeeze on more ore than is reasonable endangers his ship. D20™ MECHANIC A ship’s maneuvering and gunnery is only reduced by 1 for each ton exceeding the ship’s cargo capacity. 7TH SEA™ MECHANIC A ship’s Crew value is not affected if this load exceeds the ship’s cargo by less than half this cargo’s size. 30 Ignis Ordinis (order #883822) 193 Cast-iron Iron ore forged into cast iron is often used for objects that do not require steel’s strength.

To save time and money, many ports leave the gates open until they sight a potential enemy ship. How effective this method is during an emergency depends on the ability and availability of the operators. Granted, any really determined (and sufficiently armed) ship could blast its way through a harbor gate or even a wall. However, by that time the harbor would probably have prepared itself for the assault or summoned aid. The advantage to adding structures to a port is that they cost less to maintain than to build.

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