Supersymmetry DeMYSTiFied by Patrick Labelle

By Patrick Labelle

Get to the bottom of the secret of SUPERSYMMETRY

Trying to understand supersymmetry yet feeling a piece off stability? seize carry of this simple consultant and study the elemental innovations at the back of this progressive precept.

  • Covers supercharges, SUPERFIELDS, superspace, SUSY breaking, the minimum supersymmetric normal version, and extra
  • LOADED with exact examples, ILLUSTRATIONS, and motives
  • Perfect for SELF-STUDY or as a lecture room complement
  • COMPLETE with end-of-chapter QUIZZES and a last EXAM

Written in an easy-to-follow structure, Supersymmetry Demystified explains Weyl, Majorana, and Dirac spinors, notations, and supersymmetric lagrangians. Supersymmetric fees and their algebra are mentioned, as are interactions and gauge theories. The e-book additionally covers superspace formalism, superfields, supersymmetry breaking, and masses extra. unique examples, transparent illustrations, and concise factors make it effortless to appreciate the cloth, and end-of-chapter quizzes and a last examination aid toughen studying.

It's a no brainer! you will get:

  • An clarification of the Wess-Zumino version
  • Tips on the way to construct supersymmetric lagrangians
  • Coverage of superspace and superfields
  • A designated presentation of the minimum supersymmetric typical version (MSSM) and a few of its phenomenological implications.

Simple adequate for a newbie, yet demanding sufficient for a complicated scholar, Supersymmetry Demystified is your key to figuring out this interesting particle physics subject.

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We won’t use this language in this book, but it is important to be aware of this notation because many SUSY references use it. By the way, even though the algebra acting on the Weyl spinors is su(2) × su(2), the group under which they transform is not SU (2) × SU (2) but instead S L(2, C), the universal covering group of the Lorentz group S O(3, 1). This might be useful to know if you want to impress your friends. , the four-momentum P μ . 33) Now, let us ask: What Lorentz-invariant quantity can we build out of spinors?

To see why this helps, consider the Lorentz transformation of the quantity iσ 2 χ L (the inclusion of a factor of i is purely conventional but convenient when we relate particle and antiparticle states, as we will see in Chapter 4): iσ 2 χ †T → iσ 2 χ †T L L = (iσ 2 )∗ 1+ = iσ 2 1 − = 1+ 1 i ·σ + β ·σ 2 2 ∗ χ †T L 1 i · σ ∗ + β · σ ∗ χ †T L 2 2 i 1 · σ − β · σ iσ 2 χ †T L 2 2 which is the transformation of a right-chiral spinor! We have therefore built something that transforms like a right-chiral spinor out of a left-chiral spinor.

15) In this book we will use capital Greek letters for four-component spinors and lowercase Greek letters for two-component spinors. There is no standard notation for the symbols used for the upper and lower two-component spinors; some authors switch the η and the χ or use different Greek letters altogether. Supersymmetry Demystified 18 The two-component spinors appearing in Eq. 15) are called Weyl spinors. , they do not mix. The technical way to express this is to say that a Dirac spinor forms a reducible representation of the Lorentz group, whereas Weyl spinors form irreducible representations.

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