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Betazed wholeheartedly contributes to and partakes in Federation science and technology projects, and this shows. Their cities are built with large mushroom-shaped structures that rise up on thin spires, leaving more of the ground open for natural growth. Betazed contributes its telepathic expertise, psychological experience and philosophical developments to Federation civilization, and in return the Federation’s strongly technical members help with advanced replication technology, engineering, and land reclamation.

The colony took root quickly, growing at a good rate. The onset of hostilities with Cardassia led to the establishment of a fairly well stocked Starfleet base in Mount Denton Valley. It was less than an hour to the Southam Valley settlement by shuttlecraft, and less by transporter, so Starfleet personnel became regular sights in the settlement. More than one Starfleet officer grew to love the fog-shrouded world, and several marriages and less formal emigrations to Athos IV took place. With the formal treaty between the Federation and Cardassia, Starfleet was required to remove all personnel, goods, equipment and support from the colony.

The message claimed that a wave of cloaked missiles had been launched towards Cardassia. In an effort to avoid war with Cardassia and the Dominion, Federation Captain Benjamin Sisko, the officer who had taken Michael Eddington into custody, brought Eddington to Athos IV to abort the attack. Upon arriving, Sisko discovered the dozen or so surviving Maquis refugees were waiting. There never had been a missile attack— instead, the message had been sent by Eddington’s wife Rebecca, to let the Maquis leader know they had made it to the fallback base.

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