Shadows of Mexico (World of Darkness) by Ray Fawkes

By Ray Fawkes

Blood, medications and Conquest within the New global they are saying the blood sacrifices by no means stopped. they are saying pyramids beneath Mexico urban condo vampire cults. they are saying werewolves prowl the border with the U.S. they are saying mage society self-destructed there, and now overseas treasure-hunting wizards are plundering the country's artifacts. they are saying loads of issues. discover the reality for your self. A atmosphere ebook for all international of Darkness video games a whole consultant to Mexico on this planet of Darkness, from historic myths of blood sacrifice to trendy legends of unidentified flying object visitation every little thing a participant must make uniquely Mexican characters, together with extended family adaptations for Vampire, new benefits and unique neighborhood broods to hitch every thing a Storyteller must set chronicles in or round Mexico, from tale seeds and great antagonists to vampire Princes and werewolf packs to conflict and defy Use this publication to discover our darkish imaginative and prescient of Mexico or stick with the ideas inside of to convey your personal scary model of the land to existence Usable with any global of Darkness video game, together with Vampire: The Requiem , Werewolf: The Forsaken , and Mage: The Awakening Authors: Ray Fawkes, Will Hindmarch, Jesse Scoble, Travis Stout, Chuck Wendig; Developer: Will Hindmarch; disguise Artist: Brom A 192 web page hardcover environment complement for the area of Darkness.

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He bathes the wounds in steaming water, and covers them with herbs purchased for a few pesos from a botánica, or scrounged from Heaven knows where. He covers each injury with a different concoction, and he prays over each individually. The border priest is the master of the snake, the herb, of the Holy Virgin. His magic is old, and subtle, and it requires faith — or at least a wild desperation. And for many, his magic works. No Man’s Land There are a few square miles between the lights of San Diego and the shadows of Colonia Libertad that are regarded as no man’s land.

They fell into La Vibora’s employ, calling themselves “Equis” (X’s) after a secure radio code used by Mexican federal police in Tamaulipas to identify high-ranking battalion commanders. The Equis, heavily armed and expertly trained as special forces operatives, took the offer. They became mercenary soldiers whose services included acting as bodyguards, smuggling aliens, providing intelligence reconnaissance and conducting assassinations. Once they had learned enough of the drug trade from the narcotraficantes, the Equis went into business for themselves.

Beatings may last on and off for days, broken up by fitful sleep in a bare, concrete room. Inevitably, after a length of time, the senior commander appears during one of these periods of relative calm to find the victim naked, hungry, exhausted and terrified. The commander takes the role of sympathetic friend and protector, demanding clothes and food and that the brutal treatment be stopped. When the commander then questions the victim in a fatherly tone, it is as if the victim has found the ultimate confessional.

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