Shadowrun - The Grimoire: Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy by Paul R. Hume

By Paul R. Hume

The Grimoire, moment variation revises and expands at the unique Grimoire, bringing it modern with the Shadowrun, moment variation video game method. as well as the revised sections, Grimoire, moment variation incorporates a new type of adept, new physical-adept powers, a brand new metamagical skill, an elevated spell checklist, and extra fearsome insect spirits.

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If no successes are rolled, then the formula is incomplete. The magician must spend the base time puzzling out where he went wrong, and then he can try again. He can make the attempt in one uninterrupted stretch or over several weeks, as it suits him. Once the formula is finished, anyone with Enchanting Skill can use it to make that specific type of focus. The designer must specify the material basis of the focus (see below) at this time, which becomes part of the formula as well. Thus, the final formula might be: Rating 3 combat spell focus (wooden staff).

MAKING FETISHES Having obtained refined materials, the character can enchant those materials to make fetishes. One unit of refined materials can make a number of expendable fetishes equal to the character's Intelligence, or one reusable fetish. To see how long it takes, the player makes an Enchanting Test against a Target Number 4, then divides the number of successes into 24 hours. What? No successes? Well, chummer, the magician just blew 24 hours. Try again. A roll of all ones leaves him with ruined materials -trashed, useless, kaput.

143, SRII, DO NOT apply. To determine if an uncontrolled spirit will attack the druid, make a Force Test for the spirit using the summoner's Magic Rating as the target number. If the spirit generates any successes, it attacks. Otherwise, the spirit simply vanishes. Druids have superior skills at banishing nature spirits if they so choose (p. 143, SRII). The same bonuses apply to Conjuring Skill for the purposes of banishment (depending on location and initiate grade) as they do for conjuring itself, except in the rare case of one druid trying to banish a spirit conjured by another.

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