Shadowrun: Companion - Beyond the Shadows by Michael Mulvihill & Robert Boyle

By Michael Mulvihill & Robert Boyle

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If two different weapons are used, simply alternate the damage ratings every other target. Improved Whirlwind Requirements: Veteran, Whirlwind As Whirlwind, but the penalty is reduced to -2. Improved Sunder Power Edges Requirements: Veteran, Sunder As with Sunder, but the amount of Armor ignored is raised to 2 points. War Cry Requirements: Seasoned; Orc, Ogre, or Northlander The larger goblinesh are able to learn how to let out great, blood-curdling screams that can cow lesser opponents. The Northlander barbarians are also able to master this, though their technique is a little different (and leans more on their spiritual beliefs in the presence of their ancestors on the battlefield).

Monstrous Size and Appearance: Even among other goblinesh, Ogres suffer a -3 Charisma due to their appearance and bearing. · Large: Attackers gain +2 to Attack rolls made against Ogres. · Bad Eyes: Ogres are mighty, except where their eyes are concerned; they suffer a -2 on all Trait rolls dealing with seeing anything more than 5” (30 feet) away. · Outsider: All goblinesh face some social stigmas, no matter how progressive the society they are in. Orc Commonly referred to as the “middle goblinesh,” Orcs are quite large and tough by Human standards.

Druid Kor-In Student Dreamdancers Requirements: Seasoned, Adept, Spirit d8+, Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Channeling Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Spirit d6+, Druids are the living conduits of the power and will of the Ascended. They are no mere worshipers; instead, they are partners with the Ascended, working to keep the Four Paths (Nature, Earth, Sky, and Sea) strong and vital in the world. Druids automatically start with the Vow (Tenets of Faith) Hindrance (for no added Fighting d8+ The character, either a Korindian or being trained by someone who knows the art, has begun the path of mastering Kor-In.

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