Scion Hero (Scion RPG) by John Chambers

By John Chambers

1St In a three booklet restricted sequence. Pc'S become aware of they're the kid Of A God And needs to embody Their future.

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Fateful Aura. As a Scion’s Legend grows he warps probability to such an extent that he becomes a literal magnet for calamity. Natural and man-made disasters (or miraculous events) occur wherever he goes. If there is a robbery that’s going to happen, or a Titanspawn attack, or an attempted coup, the appearance of the Scion is guaranteed to make it happen. In a sense, the character’s Legend becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy— where he goes, momentous things happen whether he likes it or not. By dealing with them, he increases his I N T R O D U C T I O N 45 l e x i c o n 46 Legend further, spawning an ever-increasing cycle of fateful events.

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