Scientific Amusements by Tom Tit, Cargill G. Knott

By Tom Tit, Cargill G. Knott

Publisher’s be aware:

one of the experiments contained during this ebook, many are basic pursuits intended for the game of old and young, assembled around the relatives desk.

Others, to the contrary, being of a very medical personality, are designed to introduce the reader to the research of Physics, that marvellous technological know-how to which we owe the invention of the steam-engine, the phone, the phonograph, and plenty of different wonders—a technology which, there might be little question, holds in reserve many different miracles for guy.

the entire of those experiments, even if easy or complicated, should be played with none particular equipment no matter what, therefore with out the least cost. Our improvised laboratory consists, as you are going to understand, of such articles as kitchen utensils, corks, suits, glasses, knives, forks, and plates — in truth, things like each condominium, the humblest within the land possesses.

To the younger one that needs to make himself agreeable and enjoyable in corporation, this ebook could be some of the most beneficial in literature. it's going to convey him not just easy methods to do issues in which he can render himself extra interesting than the simplest talker or the simplest joker within the corporation, yet will disclose to him 100 issues in which he can amuse and astonish all people he understands. For the experiments right here displayed usually are not merely pleasing, yet instructive; not just a laugh, yet astounding; not just appealing to the younger guy and the maiden, yet to the previous guy and the matron. through the easiest and most common items, continually handy, the reader can illustrate the most amazing issues in technology, and produce useful guide whereas a laugh his viewers and making a feeling of admiration for the amusement-maker.

To the instructor who needs to create in his students an curiosity in technological know-how, no booklet should be of larger guidance. it's going to let him virtually to demonstrate and implement clinical ideas, and render his directions as attention-grabbing as an Arabian story.

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Red with ite length. ppro:timation of the e,llipse to the circular form. By adjustment of the relative lengths of the string and of the distance between the pins we may get a great variety of fonns of ellipse, from the circle to the elongated form differing very little from a stn4ght line described twice over. The propert;y of the ellipse. made use of in this S~ SCIENTIFIC AMUSEl\IBNTS• . me. rate as the other distance BO lengthens. Hence the pencil point must move so as t-0. BC produced. But this is the direction of the tangent to the curve at the point C.

Ly there need not be t his limitation. The curve 'of seotiQn may pass round t o tbe farther side of the cylinder. If the radius of the sphere is equal to the diameter of the cylinder, the curve of section on the unrolled paper will be like a figure of eight. nd greater. \ 12. CONSTRUCTION 011' A PAPER Sl'BERE. Aw with compasses on a sheet of paper a circle of three and a-quarter inches diameter, or one and fiveeightbl! of an inch in radius. Draw any diameter AB, and mark off from the centre equal distances of successive h alf iJ10hea, op, pn, nm.

Re. Or the unused 3-3 may bo put instead of the 4-2, or the ~1, or the ~O; and so on. c 9. TO DRAW AN ELLIPSE. TuE ellipse is the simplest of oval ctll'Ves. te looked at obliquely has the form of an ellipse. ed on a surface inclined to the plane of the plate will also be elliptical. n oval flower-bed. He drives into the ground two SD SCIENTIFIC AMUSEMENTS. 31 pegs a. e two fixed pegs until a complete contoux is traced out. This contour is an ellipse. l't. Take a sufficiently long st1ing with the ends tied together to form a loop.

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