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Alchemists concentrated their efforts on trying to convert lead and other common metals into gold. Alchemy dominated the European chemical scene until modern chemistry started to replace it in the 18th century. In the late 1700s Antoine Lavoisier discovered that the weight of the products of a chemical reaction always equaled the combined 35 36 SCIENCe Pierre and Marie Curie Serendipity (the ability to recognize the importance of an accidental occurrence) is a valuable asset for a scientist. In the summer of 1896, in the laboratories of Dr.

Typically, a chemist in academia with a doctoral degree will move up from instructor to assistant professor to associate professor and finally to full professor. In order to advance through these ranks, faculty members at most Chemists╇╇ 43 colleges and universities are expected to perform original research and publish their papers in scientific journals of chemistry and/or other sciences. As the rank of faculty members increases, so do their duties, salaries, responsibilities, and reputations.

A botanist working in private industry, for example, for a food or drug company, may focus on the development of new products, testing and inspection, regulatory compliance, or other areas. Research takes place in laboratories, experiment stations (research sites found at many universities), botanical gardens, and other facilities. Powerful microscopes and special mounting, staining, and preserving techniques may be used in this sort of research. ╇ Health Protection Agency/Photo Researchers, Inc.

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