Savage Worlds: Realms of Cthulhu by Reality Blurs

By Reality Blurs

Even if you search motion and event fighting cultists in sun-drenched jungle temples, a shadowy mileu of darkish phrases and most unlikely deeds, or a twisted combination dredged up from the darkest recesses of mind's eye and nightmare, you will discover the foundations you would like and the muse you want inside those pages.
One Overwhelming Truth
Behind each legend, each disaster, and each nice act of evil all through and ahead of recorded heritage, is the key knowlege that shatters men’s minds like fragile glass- the darkish effect of alien gods and powers past mortal comprehension, issues guy was once now not intended to grasp and issues that your investigator needs to now face.
Body and Soul
In your conflict opposed to the darkish forces, you not just hazard existence and limb, yet your very sanity, and the innocence of your soul. Will you sacrifice your self for the higher strong, or run for the security and sanctity of an asylum? Or will you utilize the information you achieve to show again the tide of evil for an additional day?
Beyond Time and Space
Mythos stories could be set in any interval and anyplace. integrated are directions to get you began with the most well-liked time eras: the gaslight period of the Nineties, the vintage period of the Twenties, and the fashionable global of this present day. discover the surroundings as top you spot fit.
Campaign kinds and the Keeper
Four particular types effect how actual harm and psychological soreness are dealt with. this permits you to without problems form and direct the focal point of your crusade, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the bleak desolation of the darkish Spiral. perception and suggestion are provided to the Keeper bearing on magic, enhancing monsters, and developing adventures, in addition to an in depth roster of assisting forged individuals, and entire bestiary.
Infinite possibilities for Adventure
Use Mysteries of darkish Manor or any of the opposite incorporated Mythos stories to start your trip down the line to insanity instantly, or use the Mythos story and Creature turbines to create complete new adventures of your personal.

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Increasing Sanity An investigator may increase their Sanity in one of two ways: either by increasing their Spirit attribute, or by taking various Edges that increase their Sanity. Example: Amanda Locke checks into a local asylum to get rid of her unhealthy obsession with graveyards. After recovering one level of madness, her therapy is properly underway. Amanda has Spirit d8. After the first week, she rolls a 5, but subtracts 5 (–4 for the base modifier and an additional –1 because she is away from her beloved graveyards), leaving her with a 0.

Delving too deeply into the mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos is a dangerous pursuit. Madness and Insanity Example: Amanda Locke discovers a book of lore. She has Spirit d8, Sanity: 5, Corruption: 1, Knowledge (Mythos) d4. If she skims the book, her Knowledge (Mythos) increases to a d4+1. Should she spend the time to read it at length, her new attributes are: Spirit d8, Sanity: 4, Corruption: 2, and Knowledge (Mythos) d6, her grip on reality becoming shakier, even while her very soul is stained with newfound lore.

Lighter moments, it must be said, do have their place. Providing a moment of interaction with the friendly valet as they arrive at a hotel makes discovering the valet’s body (his name was John and he was working this job and interning at St. Mark’s Hospital) even more poignant. Victories, no matter how small, should be relished, as a tragic death or insanity is what awaits most investigators in the end. The Frequency of Madness Campaign Style: Dark Spiral (Gritty/Gritty) Default Era: Any The Bond: Asylum Escapees Synopsis: The investigators, madmen though they may be, are the only possible saviors of the world.

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