Safety by Alton L. Thygerson

By Alton L. Thygerson

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6. William W. , 1976), p. 8. 7. Charles E. Richardson, Fred V. Hein, and Dana L. : Scott, Foresman & Company, 1975), pp. 339-40. Page 13 2 Magnitude of the Accident Problem Extent of Accident Occurrence Reading statistics can be quite dull. Reading accident statistics may be repulsive as well. However, accident statistics of any kind tell us only where and how accidents happened, but not why. Let us consider some general accident statistics. Every year in this country approximately one hundred thousand accidental deaths are reported by the National Safety Council.

It usually takes a near-accident, an accident, or even a tragedy before people become sufficiently concerned and motivated to take overt action. Recall from page 8 that experts measure risk, while safety is unusually determined by personal and social value judgments. The task of the individual is to learn how to recognize an expert and guide his own thinking by expert knowledge rather than by guesswork. Notes 1. National Safety Council, Accident Facts (Chicago: National Safety Council, 1984), p.

Rather, all people should gain from others' experiences. This is the basis for all instruction and educationa shortcut to experience, but also an avoidance of hazards which may have undesirable effects. TABLE 1-2. Accidental Scientific DiscoveriesDISCOVERYDISCOVERERYEARElectrical currentLuigi Galvani of Italy1781Practical photographyLouis Daguerre of France1837Vulcanized rubberCharles Goodyear of the United States1839X-raysWilhelm Roentgen of Germany1895RadioactivityHenri Becquerel of France1896"Popsicle" (trade name)Frank Epperson of the United States1923"Teflon" (trade name)Roy J.

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