Sacred Ground by Mercedes Lackey

By Mercedes Lackey

From the New York Times bestselling writer Mercedes Lackey comes modern delusion Sacred Ground―now again in print!

Jennifer Talldeer is Osage and Cherokee, granddaughter of a strong drugs guy. She walks a tricky course: opposite to tribal customized, she is studying a warrior's magics. a contract deepest investigator, Jennifer tracks down stolen local American artifacts.

The development of a brand new shopping center uncovers fragments of human bone, revealing attainable desecration of an old burial floor. in the meantime, the sabotage of building apparatus on the web site implicates many activists―particularly Jennifer's past love, who's extra beautiful and unsafe than ever. Worst of all, the grave of Jennifer's mythical drugs guy ancestor has been destroyed, his instruments of strength scattered, and an excellent evil freed to stroll the land.

Jennifer needs to make peace with the various factions and clear up the secret of her ancestor's grave earlier than the area falls into oblivion.

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It would not be the first fraud case she had handled, although it was certainly the biggest, and potentially the nastiest. "Now, why me? " To her surprise, Sleighbow chuckled. "That, and because you are by all accounts a very attractive and small woman. " She answered his chuckle with one of her own. "You're figuring out all my secrets. But you're putting me between a rock and a hard place, you know. If I find out there was a conspiracy-" "That's all we need to know. We don't need to know if the conspiracy actually performed the sabotage.

She did sit up and take notice when Jennifer insured the contents for the maximum allowed amount. " she asked suspiciously. " Which was precisely why Jennifer had chosen than particular description of the contents; this wasn't the first time a shipment had gone out from her under that heading. An "archeological artifact" wasn't something that would tempt theft, either-although by insuring the package for that much, she had red-flagged it so far as would-be thieves were concerned. The company would be keeping its electronic eyes on this little parcel.

Damn," he replied. "I must be slipping. " she asked, kicking off her shoes, and reveling in the feeling of soft, well-varnished and blessedly cool wood under her bare soles. She walked around the living room, picking up the little bits of popcorn and empty cups that told her he'd had the kids inside today, probably during the afternoon. He seldom let them into the house in the morning, teaching them instead the Osage games his father had taught him, and running the fat of too much television watching off them.

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