Rigger 2. A Shadowrun Sourcebook by Jonathan Szeto

By Jonathan Szeto

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Rigger 2, a sourcebook enlargement for Shadowrun second variation, replaces Rigger Black e-book. the entire info wanted through Riggers - the fellows who function autos of all kinds bodily and during interfaces, fix them and construct them from scratch. principles for strive against, ECW, development & editing autos, and a complete checklist of each automobile released within the process during the 1997 copyright date given.

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This does not affect the maintenance cost. Fury of the Rada Loa Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 4 Range: Self Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Mystical symbols, animal charms, skulls or bones This power invites a nature spirit, or rada loa, to “ride” the houngan or mambo’s body for a brief time to grant him some of their savage ferocity. With success, the caster is inhabited by a minor loa that grants him an additional die type to his Fighting, Strength, and Vigor Traits, and +1 damage with all melee attacks.

Like the Harrowed, these creatures have a spark of supernatural energy in them, and the most powerful have a whole lot. Due to their odd status straddling life and death, as well as this world and the Hunting Grounds, Harrowed characters can sometimes steal this energy. A Harrowed who counts coup can gain some pretty strange abilities, but some powers come with a curse as well. Taking all that evil inside is no small matter. In any case, Harrowed can only count coup on the more powerful abominations out there.

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