Relics and Rituals 2: Lost Lore (D20 Generic System) by Sword and Sorcery Studio

By Sword and Sorcery Studio

Excellent in Illustrated forums; quarto; challenging conceal; 236 pages + ads; B/W Illustrations; Swords & Sorcery Studio; 2002; Minor rubbing to forums; textual content unmarked; textual content smells of smoke.

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Ecry*; 3rd - lightning bolt; 4th- call lightning; 5th- ice storm; - whirlwind; 9th - Denev's fury* (causes lightning storms). Sikklos, the Scythe Month: Bebt Star Spirit: A vicious 6-HD scythe -wield ing fiendish harpy (see Creature Collection) answers those who invoke the Spirit of Sikklos. Spells: 0-lvl - bleeding disease; 1st - grim feast*; 2nd-deathfcnelf;3rd-vompiric touch; 4th-erarvatiori; 5th -slay lining; 6th- circle o/ death; 7th - destruction; 8th - horrid wilting; 9th - wail of the banshee.

1st Level — acid spittle*, alihi*, bifurcated, tongue**, animal infusion (see the "Ophidian Spirit" sidebar), chameleon skin*, charm person, magic fang, Sethis' potency*, serpents' stare**, sleep, 2nd Level — assassin's senses*, beast soul* (see "Ophidian Spirit" sidebar), cat's grace, commanding presence*, delay poison, hold person, hypnotic pattern, Mormo's leeching grasp**, sepia snake sigil. Ophidian Spirit Several of the spells tn the ladies of serpents' repertoire involve the assumption of animal traits.

Lycaeus, the Wolf Month: Tanot Star Spirit: The Wolf sends one of its pack, a celestial dire wolf, to aid those who call upon the Spirit of Lycaeus. Spells; 0-lvl -detect fwison; 1st-detect snares and pits; 2nd - circle of sounds*; 3rd - locate object; 4th locate creature; 5th - commune with nature; 6th - find the path; 7th- true seeing; 8th - discern location; 9thforesight. Rukha,thcRoc Month: Enkilot Star Spirit: A lesser reflection of the Roc (use the stats for a Medium-she arrowhawk) answers the summons of those who call upon rhe Spirit of Rukha.

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