Regional Convergence in the European Union: Facts, Prospects by Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, Marti Parellada

By Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, Marti Parellada

The advent of the only foreign money within the ecu fiscal house constitutes absolutely the main seen step in the direction of financial and fiscal integration within the european. those that boosted the delivery of the typical marketplace in 1957 dreamt that this may sooner or later occur as a logical outcome of the combination strategy. even if, issues have long past even more slowly than in all likelihood imagined, even though if taken in an enough old standpoint, it really is indisputable that the agreements that experience resulted in ecu financial Union symbolize a truly ambitious bounce within the technique of political and monetary integration in Europe. this is often whatever many doubted might ever occur, yet that is already a truth, even though nonetheless short of a interval of consolidation. the main common monetary effects of the EMU have already been analysed in enormous intensity. evidence of this is often the literature already on hand. in most cases, there's twist of fate in declaring that the stability of the consequences anticipated is obviously optimistic. to start with, a result of expected earnings in potency, a end result of relief of transaction expenditures linked to the former life of alternative currencies and of the removal of trade fee uncertainties.

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2 The neo-classical approach, whether in its version of absolute or conditional convergence, revived from the beginning of the 1990s by Barro and Sala-i-Martin, has been confronted by some alternative approaches ranging from the neo-classical reformulation of Romer and others (endogenous growth) to the models of new economic geography (Krugman), the reformulation ofMyrdalian cumulative causation, the theory of social capital, or the approach of milieux innovateurs. An excellent survey of these approaches can be found in Armstrong's (2001) contribution to this book.

4). All these regions are Greek, with the exception of the Asturian region (Spain). The foregoing obliges us to draw attention to another important characteristic, to which reference has been made previously. Although there is no clear relation between growth and income level in these regions, the influence on growth of what we have called, "state effect", can be observed. Those with higher rates of PIBpc growth are the Portuguese and Italian regions, followed by the Spanish, and this is related to the better relative economic performance of these countries.

While it is not necessary to go into a detailed description of this technique, it should be noted that it is a useful tool for studying convergence from a mobility perspective, given the assumption that income levels between regions follow a stochastic process (Quah, 1993). First, we define five relative states or levels of GDP per capita (UE=100): <75, 75-90, 90-110, 110-125 and >125. Secondly, the vector of probabilities is calculated at the beginning (P,) and at the end of the period of the sample (P,+n).

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